• Leslie Montgomery

Whacky Weather

Just as I was feeling confident that I was prepared for winter the opposite came to be. It got warmer and warmer. This weekend we were dealing with such weather as to be talking about humidex rather than wind chill once again. It was hot and will be getting hotter!!!

We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and spent Saturday putting up Christmas lights. I still have much more to do but Bob's part in this project is done. He put the lights up on the eaves trough and garage and he helped me with the window lights. I wrapped the Hicks Yew and Baby Pine tree with string lights and I bought a couple of boxes of netting lights but they have to go back today. I will replace them with string lights to wrap the burning bushes with. I am so done with that netting lights.

The boxes of lights I bought (well one anyway) was so tangled I could have used a stiff drink after finally conceding that it simply can't be done. The wires were installed as they were intertwined. Bob tried and came to the same conclusion as I did so I didn't even open the second box. I will return them to Home Depot and then scoot to Canadian Tire and buy regular lights.

We had a good laugh afterwards talking about this being China's way of turning our brains to mush. After all, these lights were made in China. Just attaching one string through the wrong loop and we were both unnerved. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

I did have 4 strips of net lights from a a couple of years back that we covered the front windows with. I had bought them for the hedges we have since removed so decided to use them in a different manor. They were easy to unravel this year. I can't remember how it was originally opening them though. Bob is a very organized person so when we store them he makes sure they are attached and then he wraps them around a large piece of 2 by 4.

So today I will be off to Home Depot. I hate going to these stores in this time of COVID so I think I was mostly disappointed that I would have to go back in there and then to Canadian Tire. Hopefully they will both be empty of shoppers and I can slip in and out.

We won't light them till December but it does feel good to know they are already up (or will be after today). I will add the outdoor decorations later too so I am not nearly finished but the frustrating part will be done without frozen fingers. I have no pictures yet but you know I will have plenty come December 2nd so stay tuned.

Bob built the feeder his way even down to his bucket "Squirrel Baffle" which, surprisingly, works!
My new Winter Bird Feeder

In the backyard life is going well. Bob built me a bird feeder for the winter and that has brought it's own share of issues for both Bob and the birds, not to mention the squirrels. I think he has it all sorted out now though. All it took was to stop trying to be Macho Man and listen to his wife, but you didn't hear that from me. ;)

This picture was taken last week before the heat wave, when we had our first snow fall.

He did build the feeder to my request. I wanted a simple platform with a roof to keep the weather off. I also wanted him to attach two suet cages so everything was easy to fill. He did a great job building it and even added his own touches, like the dowel he used for a perch all around. The birds love it as they wait their turn to go under the roof, where their seed is dry no matter what the weather.

Then came the time to put it up and that is where he ran into troubles. He wanted it to be close enough to the house so I didn't have to traipse too far in the snow to fill it and he even built me a board walk that we can keep clear of snow. It was a dream come true till he and I started to disagree on the placement of the feeder.

I knew the squirrels would immediately become a problem and they were. I asked him to add a "Squirrel Baffle". All he had to do was take some sheet metal, which he had plenty on hand, and wrap it into a cone on the pole. He wouldn't do that.

He took the sheet metal and wrapped the pole. I knew that wouldn't work even though he insisted it would. He said they couldn't get a grip on the sheet metal so why make it an eye sore? OK!

Well it took the squirrels less than an hour to figure out that they could wrap their arms around the pole and shimmy up the pole with ease. So back to the working board for Bob. He then made to sheet metal wider so they couldn't hold onto themselves and decided this would do the job really well. Nope! He did not know how but the squirrels were still getting into the feeder. I knew how but he would not listen to me. He knew better.

So be it!

Then he took the time and sat in the office window with his phone in hand and waited and watched. Sure enough, he found what I was trying to tell him. The feeder was too close to the back porch. I thought they were jumping from the roof but it turned out they didn't have to climb that high. They just had to climb on top of Bob's meat smoker. His solution was to move the smoker. I said that would not work because they would just climb higher to the roof and jump down. He had to see that for himself though.

Needless to say by the end of the day he finally listened to me and moved the feeder back another 6 feet from where it sat. Problem solved! Now the squirrels clean up under the feeder what the birds discard and the universe, (at least my backyard) is once again at peace. There was one point where he was seriously considering wrapping the back porch and roof with chicken wire. At first I thought he had to be joking but he was serious so I had to nix that plan really quick. I asked him if he was trying to stop the squirrels or kill me.

Men! Gesh!!!!!!

The picture above shows the squirrel baffle he finally decided to keep. An upside down bucket. They don't even try to climb past it. This weekend he painted it black to match the pole so it looks better. More pictures to come. Many many more pictures and maybe a few videos. But for now I am trying not to over feed them because with this warm weather they should be out there foraging.

Well that is all the happenings around here for this week. I am still working on the rest of the world flags and they are coming along nicely. I should be finished in a week or so and moving onto other projects.

I don't want to dwell on it but I feel I must reference that it has not been all fun and games around here. There has been a whole lot of melancholy in our home this weekend. I lost my oldest friend to a heart attach last Friday and it has sent me reeling. I know he would not want me dwelling on the pain rather than remembering the good times and the love, still, there is a definite void in my life and I feel there will be for a while to come.

He was the smartest person I ever knew. I mean, he was a real thinker! Sometimes he would over think things but always he would speak his truth and was not only a genius in his own right but a character like none other and that is why I always loved him so much. Our relationship from high school on up was always platonic but that was why ours was a special love. It was not physical in any way. I knew all his girl friends and up till his very last one I loved and still do love each one. (The last one I won't speak of) He never discarded people. When you were in his life and his heart you were there forever as he will be in mine forever.

I have probably already spoke too much of my feelings for him and he is out there somewhere shaking his head at me so I will end it on one last note. He was a huge music fan his whole life and not mainstream either. So I will leave you with one of his favorite musicians, Rory Gallagher. This one is for you Franz. Love you forever and always....