• Leslie Montgomery

Tis The Season... Yada Yada Yada

I finally mustered up enough Xmas spirit to put up a tree. As pretty as it is, I am already looking forward to taking it down.
My Xmas Tree Topper

I am sorry but try as I will, I just can't get into the whole festive feeling of the season this year. I am sure I'm not alone here. We all have our own reasons for being in a funk and most of us just pull up our boots and keep wading in the slush of this pandemic with a smile on our faces but we are all a little broken. How can we not be?

I am feeling that most governments around the globe are failing us all. Their own greed and ambitions are all shining through this mess and people in general have their own ideas of how things should be run. I don't believe we all agree on these issues or how to tackle them and that is a problem too. We need some organization from leaders who are not so self absorbed but I just don't see that happening any time soon if at all.

Anyways I don't want to be a downer. I am sure there must be people out there (somewhere) who aren't in a funk this holiday season.

I put the tree up on the weekend and will take it down in a week before New Years. I always feel that after Xmas it is just clutter.
My Christmas Tree.

As you can see I did get the tree up this past weekend. No one will be here to see it but Bob and myself as we are under a self imposed lock down and as of Boxing day the province of Ontario will be under lock down too. I think that is a big part of my funk.

I got all the cookies baked and the Moose Munch made. Bob took a bunch of cookies into work with the Moose Munch for their Xmas lunch and they were all a big success. The rest of the cookies are mostly in the freezer now. I kept them on the kitchen table but they were too tempting and I do not need that much sugar in my life. hahaha. So I kept a container out with 6 of each cookie and the rest went in the big freezer downstairs. The container on the table was still too tempting for this foodie so yesterday I popped them in the fridge freezer and will pull them out tomorrow as that is the start of Bob's holiday. A holiday he severely needs. He has not missed a day of work since the beginning of the pandemic and he works 6 days a week. He needs a little down time I think so he is taking a week and will turn the phone off too.

 My favorite cookies and most deadly are the drop shortbread in the center. They melt in your mouth and the cherry topper is a bonus treat after you have finished the cookie but they are all butter and sugar. I can feel the extra pounds around my waist as I think about them.
Open container of Christmas Cookies.

Caramel Popcorn with cashews and drizzles with both dark and white chocolate cooling down and waiting to be broken up, then  placed in containers. It takes much longer to make this than it does to eat it but it is just so addictively good.
Moose Munch

Anyways, as I mentioned, Bob's Christmas holiday will begin this afternoon and will last till January 4. We will lock the world out and even though it will hurt at first to leave the girls to their own we will get on with the holiday and cheer each other up. I hope you all have a special someone to keep the Grinch at bay in your home too.

I doubt 2021 will be much better than 2020 but at least it can't be any worse (hopefully). At any rate there is a lot to be said for going through the motions. We can't change anything right now so might as well try to create some smiles. That is my goal for this holiday. To make my husband's holiday as relaxing and pleasant as I can because he will have a long year to follow. We have already decided that when this is over and we feel safe again we will be going to Vegas to spend the days wandering around the dessert with it's soul healing qualities and then spend our evenings watching Donny Osmond and Penn and Teller, then sitting at a bar or two with the built in slot machines. Always good to have a plan and we will probably spend a whole lot of time during this Christmas holiday talking and planning for ours. I will not be back till the new year but by my next post I will have some fresh mandalas to color. Something to keep me centered as I create and also a lovely new year gift for you. Till then, if you haven't already, you can still download the mandala coloring pages I created at the beginning of December. In the meantime no matter what you celebrate this season try to have a joyful holiday and a happy New Year too. If you are also in a funk know that you have good company in that. We will get through this too. I am making that my short term goal and the rest we will worry about as it comes.

So put on your best HoHoHo, keep safe and healthy and we will meet again in 2021. A break from it all is always good medicine. All My Best Leslie :)