• Leslie Montgomery

The Songbird Is Safe (For Now)

So yesterday after I came home from a trip to the garden center in I went into the shed to get a shovel to plant my new lilies and a shepherds hook for my new windchime. While trying to reach for my shepherds hook from the place Bob had it hidden I heard a strange noise by the windows so I very cautiously made my way to the spot I heard the sounds from. Well, there he was, a very scared robin. He was banging into the windows trying to escape and by the amount of poop on the windows I could tell he had been there a long time. The last time I had been in the shed was the morning before so I imagine that is when he got trapped when I locked the doors afterwards. So I propped the door open and then went outside the shed windows and covered them with towels so the only light was in the door. Then I sat and waited. It took him about 10 minutes but eventually he came to the door, sat there a little stunned for a minute or two and then hopped out and sat in the grass for a minute or two. I was worried he had dehydrated himself and maybe hurt his little beak by bashing into the window so much but eventually he flew off and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Robins might not get on well with the other birds and they really aren't terribly attractive but they fill the air with beautiful music. However, even if they didn't I felt good having saved this feathery friend.

Well if you follow that IG link above with the video you can see the progress in the garden so I won't bore you with any of that right now. I have really been in a zen-like mode of late and I do attribute that to the garden but also I think Instagram is also responsible for it. I am not doing any promoting there, except for having my link to here in my bio. I don't want to be into anyone's face. I do my promoting in FB but to be honest FB has been a huge source of frustration and anger to me since this pandemic began.

I like to keep informed and FB is a good place to do so but it is also a breeding ground of misinformation and all out lies. I follow political figures on FB so it is probably my own fault but I am very happy to just briefly skim through it now. Then I go into IG and check out the garden, recipe and home décor magazines I follow and, of course, my few friends on IG who share their pictures. I absolutely love seeing that. There is no opinions or anger. Many, like me, tend to add captions that we feel to be antidotal or funny but never political or angry.

Actually yesterday I came across a Canadian Government sponsored post in IG and I removed it stating it was irrelevant. That felt good. After all, they have some nerve trying to pry into my zen! They get enough of my news time and I will not give them entry into my bliss! So there's that! ;)

On the work front I have just realized I am backed up. I did not realize that the end of the month had come and gone so I will get busy making those mandala coloring pages and will have them up by next week.

Life has been good this past month but very busy and lots of new things on the horizon too. Both workwise and personally.

I have been spending time when I am online checking into adding my own downloadable images that I can sell from this site and have come up with a few awesome idea that I will be getting on this summer when I will be housebound once again from the summer heat and humidity. I'll let you in on things as they progress.

On a personal note we have been making choices and decisions with Bob's retirement coming upon us in a couple of years. We have, for a long time, been wanting to move back to BC when Bob retires but after watching events in this country during the past year we are going a completely different route and are we ever excited about it! One thing that is more obvious than ever is that pandemic or not, Ontario is not a place we want to grow old, especially if we have no real ties here. With the pandemic involved, well..... BC showed they aren't much better, unless you have lots and lots of money, which we don't.

So I will let you know when the time comes closer but there will be very exciting changes in our lives as soon as Bob is ready to leave the workforce once and for all. Till then I have a very important job of keeping us both healthy so we can enjoy the events to come in a couple of years.

Even Bob, who doesn't get excited easily is all of a sudden very giddy over our new choices. That makes me happy. I want us BOTH to enjoy our golden years as much as we can before we have to settle down but even then I want us BOTH to do that on our terms and no one else's.

Keeping us heathy is going to be easier soon too. Since Bob fell and broke his ribs he has made a few habitual changes. He was taking pain medication and couldn't eat much or drink anything and he lost weight so when he found himself on the road to recovery he chose to continue with eating light and stay away from the beer and the weight has been melting off of him.

Poor guy feels guilty though. I have since, long before he fell, been dieting and exercising and just killing myself over it yet I loose a pound a week. Sometimes, like recently I don't loose anything in a week or two and then I loose 2 or 3 pounds and then back to a pound a week for a few more weeks. It has not been easy but I am not giving up.

I tell Bob he shouldn't feel guilty as I a proud of him but it does get a little disheartening to see that the changes aren't really too visible on me like they are on him. Oh well, it will all even out in the end. I have given myself a year so by Christmas we should both be looking and feeling amazing. The long journey there will be a reminder to me that I have to behave so I don't have to go through this again. At any rate, it should be a very merry Christmas for both of us.

Well with that I will say good bye for this week and get on the treadmill. Then I have some mandalas to create. It's a rainy day here in Niagara so it's all good to stay indoors.

Here is a peak at my new windchime for the garden. To hear it tinkle you can click the link at the top of this page to my IG Profile. I hope it makes you smile as it does for me. All my best

Leslie :)