• Leslie Montgomery

The New Look is Done

I think I got it all finished. I have been working hard on it, as promised but I suppose there is always some tweaking here and there all the time.

I changed the entire home page and I am satisfied. I wanted all the color in the images to pop so I made the background in muted tones. I think I accomplished what I set out to do with that. I like how the images scroll through. They are only square images and just a very few of all I have but it is enough to give people an idea of my work.

I wanted to create new pages for both Redbubble and Pixel stores but the Redbubble widget has not worked for some time. I tried to play with the scripting to no avail and I even asked in a Redbubble community but the solution presented to me didn't work either. Java script was never one of my strong suites so I decided in the name of my own sanity I would link both shop pages to the Shopping page rather than linking one and adding the widget to the other. I made it so they open in new tabs so that might be a good solution. I also created a new contact page and a subscription widget to that for my monthly newsletter. I had tried the newsletter route once before but it seemed very difficult and hard to get subscribers. Now WIX offers a newsletter that works just fine for me so I decided to try it. I put out my first newsletter also but I went to one person, me. hahaha. I just wanted to test it so hopefully next month I will have one or two more people to send it to. If you are interested just go to my Home page. It is at the bottom of the page. It is also at the bottom of my Contact page. I did have the option for one of those popup things asking you to signup for a newsletter but I hate it when I go to a website and those things jump up on me so I won't do it to anyone.

The only change I made to my About page was the background color. I saw no need to change it otherwise. I also didn't make any real changes to the blog except for the background color. I wanted to switch it up a bit but found the existing layout to be the best suited for me. So as the old saying goes "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

I made a few tweaks here and there to a few other things, like the social media buttons in the footer and a few other things that really aren't noticeable overall. I think I am done. At least I hope I am. Now I need to get back to creating art.

A couple of things I just realized I still need to do is make a video and a freebie page. Not totally sure how I will go about that. PS has a video making option but so does the WIX editor so I am leaning towards the latter unless I discover I can't put the video on Youtube.

I am also not too sure how to go about the freebie page. I see many people have their textures on Flickr and Deviant Art. I would like to keep them on my own site but it might be better as far as space goes to keep them on Flickr. Could become another marketing thing then but I hate the idea of spreading myself too thin on the venue again. It is so time consuming. Will have to take some serious look into what others are doing with that. In the meantime I will start tomorrow on creating more art.

Oh yes.... I should probably make new headers for my FaceBook and Twitter pages.

I will close this with showing you the new social media logo I created. It doesn't really match the new homepage but it is eye catching with one of my mandalas on it. Maybe I can use it for my SM pages too.

Hope you like the changes. I don't think they are too drastic but they show that I am willing to continue to invest time into the site.

All my best