• Leslie Montgomery

The Changing Faces Of Social Media

Having just come out of a busy week I am very conscious of how often the whole internet experience has changed throughout the years. Mostly the transitions have been so gradual that we barely noticed but then other times it seemed like a wrecking ball came along and wiped out everything as we knew it only to rebuild and adapt.

I actually think the internet has been a great tool for those in my generation to learn to adapt to changes because life, in general is a learning experience that encompasses change. If we don't accept change, we just go stagnant.

One of my favorite sayings is " If we don't learn from our history we are doomed to relive it over again till we do learn." I don't remember who said it but no truer words have ever been spoken. If you don't think that true look at the global community itself. It has become an angry world because governments are not able to understand or accept the errors in their ways. Greed begets greed and so here we are, repeating history yet again.

Anyway the internet is about to come into some huge changes that will affect us all. Now I will exclude you if you don't partake in Social media at all but then if you don't you probably won't be reading this post. Yes those changes are in the way social media conducts it's business. Too much bad things have been happening for the giants like Facebook and Twitter not to sit up and take notice. If anything will stop them from repeating history it is a big fat law suite and I think they are both acquiring more than their share of those. Stock holders don't like that kind of activity.

I have already noticed a change in the Twitter set up. I think it is to better suit those who follow it on their phones. Rightfully so because the younger generations have adapted to spending their lives with their phones in hand but they very rarely talk on them. Google didn't even want to continue on that track so they shut down their G+ with very little fanfare. I think we were given a 3 month warning period and then they were gone from the SM world. It's a shame cause I really liked their platform but I did notice some bad things people sneaking into the groups.

Now the SM giant, Facebook is following suit but in a whole other way. There are too many privacy leaks and bad people have been doing bad things in the name of FB. It is time to lock the doors. Make it safe for the general public once again. However the biggest trouble they have to face IMO is the fact that the general population just want to keep in touch with their friends and family so FB is about to make themselves more about groups. I have even heard they might do away with our timelines and pages. That's fine with me. I will adapt. I have gotten past many a change in my life and will endure many more before I am ready to leave this world. It is my choice to go with the flow rather than complain. After all, this is for the betterment of my own safety along with millions of others.

With all this weighing heavily on me this past week as I learn more and more on the subject my main thoughts have been about my friends I went to school with. I left high school well over 40 years ago but my heart still wanders those halls along with everyone who influenced my early years. Since I also left the area as life beckoned me forward I lost contact with so many of these people I will always love but through the magic of FB many of these people are back in my life, at least I should say we are in contact once again and the last thing I want to do is spend another 40 years looking for them all over again. This history will not repeat itself.

So this week I took some time away from my photography and graphics to open a group in FB for all my friends who went to school at the same time I did. I left it open for anyone who went to the school during the 60's, 70's and 80's to join in but I made the group private and invitation only so people in the group could safely invite their friends.

Well guess what? That group instantly took off and there are people coming from all over the globe to reunite with old school chum. It is exciting me so much to see all this love for our school and the people who graced it. I think our old principal would be very proud to see this. He was a grand man and the reason our school was so important to us all. He stood in the background and quietly guided us through the rocky teen years for 3 decades. The man was an inspiration to us all.

Unfortunately, though, I can't afford any more time to wandering the halls of my alma mater with my friends. They are very safe in the group now and I shouldn't loose touch with them again. Just to be safe, however, we are exchanging emails.

I Incorporated the help of a very dear friend who followed me through school and she is now co-admin so I can afford the time to get back to my camera and graphics too. I managed to sneak away to the botanical gardens this week for an afternoon and had a beautiful time with the spring blossoms. Still so much more to start blooming but I managed to get some great shots for a start.

The Flowering Quince I have at the top and bottom of this post are 2 such images. I found them to be so enchanting. Will have to look for them again next spring.

So that was my week. Busy busy busy. I have decided that in case FB closes down my page at any time I should double my efforts in Pinterest so expect to see me posting more in there. Other than that I am keeping the status quo with my art promotions with Twitter being my main go to and my FB page running second for as long as they allow it. Pinterest will hopefully grow more with some attention and this blog might just see more of my attention from one post a week to 2 or three if FB closes my page. It will give me time to spend with you and that is a very good thing so see... there is always a silver lining.

All my best

Leslie :)