• Leslie Montgomery

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

First off I want to say that I am feeling great. The inner ear infection is either in remission or maybe it is hiding to harass me another day. I am not sure which it is but if it is still a no show by Tuesday I am going to go back to the gym. I haven't been there since just before Christmas and I really miss the gang at the pool, not to mention the pool itself.

Well yesterday was the start of a long weekend here in Ontario. We really didn't have any plans as one of the girls ended up with a virus last week and we thought she would just want to lay low.

When will we learn that young people don't lay low? So we started the afternoon out on the road taking photos. We got some great shots when the girls phoned and said they wanted to meet us so we were off to our pub to have some nosh, chat and laugh and then we went to play pool. Bob and the girls are very much enjoying their pool games these days. It's not my thing so I watch and cheer them all on. Secretly I think to myself that I would rather be just about anywhere else but they all love it so I keep that to myself.

Anyway back to the photos. I have always had a love for weather vanes. The funkier and more unique/ the better. I always knew I wasn't alone in that love but never thought to turn it into an image collection. Well, yesterday while out with the camera I got a great idea to open a folder in both Pixels and Redbubble with weather vanes. Then I will spend these dreary winter days out looking for fun and unique weather vanes to photograph and process. I already have 3 images of weather vanes uploaded for sharing and the latest one gets a lot of hits. The other two are a couple of years old so are probably hidden in a sea of old images. It's a shame really. So I will work on the few I have sitting in my photos and the two I got yesterday too. Expect to see more weather vanes as time goes on. It will be my new thing to keep my eyes peeled out for.

I have also been wanting to go to the butterfly conservatory to photograph butterflies and tropical plants but I promised the girls I would go with them. Trouble is that it's hard to pinpoint them to a date to go. I think I might sneak off to the Botanical gardens next week and stop off at the butterfly conservatory. If the girls get upset about my going alone I will just go back with them. I am sure there are more pictures to be had there than one trip will handle anyways. I will also drive down to Niagara On The Lake and find a weather vane or two or three.

For today I promised Bob an afternoon to himself so he can catch the Nascar race in Daytona. It gives me time to catch up on my blog and a few other things. Since taking up with Illustrator I decided I should also look into what the big deal is with Lightroom! Boy am I behind the times! I found Lightroom to be the best way to handle all my RAW files. I am very excited about that. So now I am finally on board with all my CS6 programs except for Adobe Bridge. I opened it and gave it a spin but decided I am not in any hurry for that. I will concentrate on what I have for now. That is a lot to take in at once as it is. All I can say is "Thank God for You Tube How To's and the people who take the time to create them."

Speaking of YouTube I found in Lightroom the slideshow thingy and decided that when I have absorbed all I need to be comfortable with the program I will look into making a few slide shows to open my own You Tube account. I know many artists who swear by their You Tube. I say any sort of promoting is worth looking into as long as it is easy enough for this old brain to take in. But as I say.... that is for another day.

In the meantime I have also made some mandalas and uploaded them along with photos of the ice storm last month. along with all that I made a few more product views of the Pixels and Redbubble merchandise. So I am finally catching up on all that. I feel like I have accomplished lots and lots this week. Even though the week started out with a spinning head it ended up with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week. Next week should be even better with getting back to a regular routine at the gym.

If you are having a long weekend enjoy it. Family time is a blessing on these long weekends. If you are having a normal weekend then family time is also a wonderful thing. If it isn't a weekend at all for you then thoughts of family time can get you through till your next weekend. All in all it seems the best way to get through these blah days of winter chill is the love of those nearest to you. I feel so blessed to have Bob and the girls.

All my best

Leslie :)