• Leslie Montgomery

Summer Is Coming

I feel like the anti Ned Stark when I say the summer is coming in an ominous fashion but it does seem pretty scary in certain parts of North America, what with the extreme heat and forest fires in the west. Then hearing of the rivers and lakes drying up is scaring the life out of many, an so it should.

Balloon Flower from the garden

I am feeling pretty thankful actually. Here in the Niagara region we are usually at the beginning of a drought in June but we have had plenty of rain and up till now the temps have really been so comfortable that we have had long periods of time without the AC on and more importantly, I have been able to spend entire days out in the garden, but somehow it feels like this stroke of good fortune isn't going to last much longer. I mean..... this is Southern Ontario after all, so whatever comes along we will be able to say that it was a very good spring. Maybe the summer might be a little easier than most too. We can always hope anyways.

Jackmani Clematis

Since spending lots of time in the garden I have also been able to get some great floral pics too. It makes me happy I opened that Instagram account because it has encouraged me to use my phone camera so much I am thinking of spending a little extra this winter and getting the Samsung S21 Ultra phone just for the camera. I am finding that with the aid of Topaz Gigapixel I have been able to use my photos on the phone with great success in my work. If only it had a better zoom (and I am sure they will in time) these new phones could and probably will change the future of photography. After all, it is so much easier to carry around a phone than a big, cumbersome camera with lenses. We already have to carry the phone around anyways so why not make it do what you want? For now I will still carry my big camera around for those macro or long distance shots the phone can't yet give me. I will also use the phone more and more, especially when I get the new one but I have till Christmas when I will have to join the 5G world and get the new phone that comes with it.

Of course there are always the purists out there who say that a phone will never replace a camera but then isn't that the same thing we heard when cameras went digital?

My theory is that as long as it produces a great shot then it is a good piece of equipment. It doesn't take away the need for buying pictures and art. After all, not everyone has access to a great location to photograph or an eye for it but mostly, there is no photo sold today that doesn't have some sort of touch up with Photoshop, Topaz or another software and not everyone is capable of using said applications. If a photographer tells you his work is not touched up in one way or another then he is guilty of one of 2 things.... one of those things being that he is selling a boring photograph or, (and I see this happen a lot lately) he is out and out lying because the most of the buying public are basically gullible. Point in case.... how many times have you looked at a picture with a truck in a field of daisies or birds flying over a pond as the sunset turns the sky into a shade of sepia and asked yourself "However did the photographer get that perfect moment to shoot, birds and all?" or " How did they get that truck in that garden?" If you have to ask that question then you don't know that it is very easy to edit these things into a photograph. It makes for an interesting shot and it is done by EVERYONE but to lie and say it was photographed that way seems a bit unethical to me. Do you really believe that models in magazines have such flawless skin????

I don't want to out anyone here but I will end this topic with a warning to all of you who are looking at and buying photography..... "Buyer Beware" things are not always what they are presented to be, especially in today's market. Just make good choices and if you like that swan swimming in a pond so smooth you would swear it was glass don't ask questions. Just enjoy the view, is all.

Anyways before ending this post I want to mention a few new pieces in my stores. You can buy these in my Redbubble and Pixels Stores on wall art or clothing and merchandise....

First off there is a series of 3 abstracts in different colors. I must say these look awesome on the clothing in Redbubble but they also make great yoga mats in Pixels.

Then there are a couple of new images that I got from a trip to the garden center in their design displays. Yes, I used the phone camera for these but then made them my own in Photoshop. These can also be found in Redbubble with no background.

And with that I will wish you a good weekend wherever you may be. If you are having damaging hot summer weather I will wish rain for you and if winter is creeping into your neck of the woods I will hope the frost doesn't bite you. Even with all it's issues this certainly is a large and crazy world we all share. You have to love it with all it's flaws and all it's beauty too. All My Best

Leslie :)