• Leslie Montgomery

Not All SM Are Created Equally

Well it has been a while since my last post and I have so much news for you!

First off I have been working very hard and it is paying off. I am getting more and more sales and so much more hits too. I decided there was a problem with my marketing though. I had this blog and I also had FB and Twitter accounts but my analytics were showing that even though I was working hard in marketing I wasn't getting the hits. I was so bummed. After all, I was working so hard I didn't have time to keep up my blog. Every day was about creating a new art piece and then promote promote promote. I belonged to a twitter group where I would share everybody's work from the group and they would share mine but not everyone in the group were playing fair and although there were about 50 people in the group only 14 or 15 would promote the rest of us and some of those were only promoting weekly so I left the group and then observed I was getting less retweets but also was not getting any less hits from Twitter than I was while in the group. To me that meant there was a problem with Twitter. I discovered that by simply posting to Twitter once a week the bots would still find me and the people I had in my private list were plenty for me to retweet. That cut back some promoting time but still didn't give any more hits to my stores. Then I upped my game on FB. I have my page, which I continue to post to faithfully but I then physically visited a few select groups daily. That took up a lot of the time I saved from cutting back on Twitter though and still the numbers were down. Not only that but I had to be social in among a lot of young people trying to get rich quick by grabbing free clip art or sometimes stealing it and making stickers. They have a real entitle attitude and they think everything is up for grabs. That was upsetting for me as I feel if it were my work being stolen I would be raising the roof. Then there are the young people who take a quote from a famous person, pop it on T-Shirt or sticker and call it art.

I have to tell you that it was a real practice in patience that I probably failed miserably at when one little know-it-all started in on a war of words with me. This girl has never created a lick of art in her life! Now I still post to these groups but pass by all questions and comments and just show my appreciation to the few REAL artisits in these groups. Yes it is true, as many schemers and scammers out there, there are just as many real talented people. I think it is still worth it to skim through the garbage to find the gems on FB.

Not only that but Analytics showed me that the few hits I was getting from Social Media was from FB. So FB stays in the mix.

Then I had to figure out how to promote on SM a little more. I had not had time to add to this blog but as much as I find this blog to be good for me in many emotional ways I haven't been keeping it regularly enough to know if it is actually contributing to hits. I did, however discover it is very good in keeping my sister up to date on my life. (Love you Christine)

So I needed to find the time to get back to blogging along with more SM.

I found just the ticket in Pinterest. I always had a Pinterest account and was sharing on it for a little bit but I didn't really dedicate any real time to it so I decided to give it an honest try. So I put my organizational skills to work and opened new boards along with sub boards, closed irreverent boards and then uploaded lots of my work into it all. From there I began adding my work to thew boards daily and my views ( and sales) started to climb. The more I work Pinterest/the more interest both my stores accumulate. So after a month or so of straight Pinterest I now have all my SM clicks coming from Pinterest and FB but most from Pinterest. I feel I might be able to cut back on the FB groups in due course if this keeps up. That would give me plenty of time to keep up this blog again. Now that is the tip of the good news that Pinterest is bringing me. Now my anaylitics is showing me that where almost all my traffic used to come from Social Media and that was just dribs and drabs. I noticed I would probably get 2 or 3 hits a week from actual people and all the rest of the traffic I saw in FAA was the bots, who I am thrilled to have too but I needed to see much more real traffic . I am sure the results were the same in Redbubble but I don't have Analytics set to monitor BOT traffic. I don't know if I can.

Anyways, as I mentioned I am getting more Direct traffic now than I even get from Social Media and they say that is very good. It is supposed to show that I now have a healthy marketing strategy so you cannot know how exciting that is to me. It means that people are coming to my stores from their own bookmarks or emails or shared links. It is all good news in my book!

Now for some more news....

I also want to add that I decided that all the beautiful floral pictures I was taking in my gardens and on my travels would only get lost in a sea of flowers that others were sharing online. So I continued throughout the summer to photograph as much as I could but I would wait till the cooler weather to work on them and then upload.

That was all fine and dandy at the time of making the choice but that also meant I had no new images to create and upload. Kinda defeated the purpose, didn't it?

I love my mandala and they get lots of attention so I started with them but in working on them I am noticing more and more people are getting into mandala creation. If I am not careful my hard work on my mandalas could also be lost so I have some thoughts on how to make mine stand out. I will let you know if it works out. Till then I don't really want to say what my plans are.

Now I can't make my beautiful mandala, I can't work on my flowers and boats and such so what ever shall I do?

In keeping in touch with the artist world as often as I can I have learned that the big sales these days are coming from abstract art. I can see where that would be true for many reasons. So with this in mind I got the great idea that I could probably create some pretty good abstract work. I am very good with my graphic programs and I do have a great imagination so I looked at a few pieces online and decided to get busy and create some magic.

Well it turns out I am not only pretty good at this art style but I absolutely love it. It frees my imagination in so many ways. So I create a few pieces and then decided that I could probably get carried away and that could scare off my buyers who like my photographic art and my word art too so I best get busy and continue to please their pallets and that is where I am now.

I am now working on my summer photography and created photographic art from that but if you like my digital abstracts from scratch do not worry. I plan on dedicating a whole lot of time this winter to that style. It is so therapeutic for me too. Besides, I am thinking one or two of these pieces might look awesome above my own couch too.

If you like my mandalas do not worry. I will be making more of those this winter too. I have some great ideas in mind for them and I, myself, think they look magnificent on the clothing and other products. .

So to conclude this rather long post I am in a good place with my art and my life and the world in general. Just keep me away from politics and you could mistake me for living in my own Utopia but elections are coming up in Canada and that is a whole other story I will not discuss in the blog. At least not this year. All I will say that the politics of this country could tip my stress level so it is nice to have my art to escape to.

I will end this with my favorite of my digital abstracts so far. As you will notice I get to do a minimal of drawing in this style of art if the mood strikes me. I might not have the best drawing abilities but that doesn't matter in abstract. How cool is that???

All My Best