• Leslie Montgomery

New Year - 2021

I won't say Happy New Year this year. After all, I just don't know if there is anything to be happy about except for the fact that we survived the last year. I just have troubles comparing surviving to living. I hope we can live 2021 but am not sure if this will be another year to merely survive. If it is another one of those years I and mine will survive but I think we are all entitled to live this year instead. I am not sure what, if anything, has changed, except for the vaccines coming into our lives but from what I hear we won't be seeing those till well into the autumn. I will still be sending Bob off into the same uncertain world with very little protection every day.

However I shouldn't complain.... he is still working and we are still healthy and the bills are still being paid. A whole lot better than many so I am thankful for that. As a matter of fact once we are both vaccinated and I feel we are as safe as we can be I am feeling I should go out and do some volunteering of some sort. If I can help people who are less fortunate I feel I should.

My compassions these days are leaning towards the seniors in the long term care homes. Living in Ontario, how could I not feel disgusted about how our government is brushing them under the table and leaving such great incompetence to take care of them - or abuse them, depending on how you look at it. I am prone to see their treatment as abusive and feel something needs to be done and those who have allowed this to happen to our elders need to feel our wrath on a whole. I also feel the (ahem) 'Health Care Professionals' who have been taking our money and treating our seniors in this way should be treated as criminals.

Yes.... this is a cause I can get behind with gusto. Expect to see me doing something for seniors in the coming months.

A fire burning on this  snowy Christmas Day in our yard.
Christmas Day Fire

In the meantime Bob and I had a nice and quiet holiday. Got in lots of walks and was able to get lots of use out of the new firepit which Bob really loves. I am actually glad the holiday is over so things can get back to normal but not so happy to have had to send my husband back to work today for reasons already stated. I will just hold onto the knowledge that he will help to make the workplace safer for all, including himself.

I didn't get to create a whole lot of work these past couple of weeks. I did make a few images and I also got to make the free mandalas for this month. The three mandalas I made before Christmas were a huge hit so I thought if I don't make 3 more for this month I would have a lot of unhappy colorists out there.

The 3 new free mandalas are already uploaded and ready for you to download. As with last month these are all free for you to download and color but please do not redistribute them in any way. If I find there are people abusing my only rules here it will ruin things for everyone and I will be forced to shut it down. Don't be that person. If people continue to respect my copyright I will be uploading 3 more next month and each month after too. As I mentioned I do enjoy making them. I find it relaxing and I know people enjoy coloring them too so it feels like a happy fit for all.

If you want to download any of these new mandalas or the mandalas from last month go to www.lesliemontgomeryart.com/coloringpages or just go to the top of this page and click on Freebies. Once in that page click on the thumb nails for each mandala and it will take you to the download page. All the mandalas are in PDF format for easy printing.

On that note I will wish all a warm welcome to 2021. Try to be respectful of other people and together we could make all the difference in how this year progresses. If nothing else just make it a new habit to make one person smile each day. You don't know how contagious that one action can be.

All my best

Leslie :)