• Leslie Montgomery

My Instant Pot

Yeah you got it right! I am one of those Instant Pot People, or as one friend told me "A Pothead"! Well I could be if things continue on this path.

After a summer of uninspired meals (who likes to cook when it is hot and muggy outside!) I was browsing through Facebook and came across a post from Cooking With Sammy. It is 3 little tykes who are so adorable in the kitchen and on the farm and such. I like to watch it when my own neighbor children drive me up the wall with their constant screaming and fighting under my open windows. It reminds me there are still good kids out there and even more important,,,, parents who take the time to teach their children.

Anyway as I watch these kids they were using the Instant Pot to cook oatmeal and such. Well, their mother actually does but they load it in their cute way. So I decided to look into this Instant Pot thingy. Before this I had heard of it briefly but never really paid attention so continued on with life before Instant Pot. I have a slow cooker but have never been totally happy with it so most meals were cooked on the stove or in the oven. I also have memories of using a pressure cooker way back in the day but they were scary contraptions back then. They did, however, cook an amazing short rib.

So I scoured the web and found some pretty awesome recipes with good replies from people who had cooked these recipes. I was intrigued so then took my query back into Facebook to ask my own friends if any of them had an Instant Pot and if they use and/or like it. The responses I got were all positive and very interesting.

It turned out a whole lot of my friends had instant pots and love it, including a few people I had never associated with being kitchen folk.

Well I was sold but still, being in the middle of a pandemic with an uncertain future I was concerned about spending money on things I don't really need and I did think the prices were a little high on these cookers compared to other, similar gadgets. So if I were to get one it would have to be a sale.

Bob wanted to go out and buy one as soon as I told him I might want one but I was the strong one. He would buy me the moon if he could and I hated to pop his balloon and bring him back down to the bargain basement but I was not going to pay more than 70 bucks for this thing that is normally well over a hundred. I would wait for a sale.

It didn't take too long for that sale to happen in the oddest of places, Best Buys. As soon as I told Bob it was on sale at a price I was happy with he didn't skip a beat and packed me, our masks, hand sanitizer and the debit card into the car and off to Best Buys we went. That man would do anything, even go shopping in a pandemic, to see a smile on my face. How can you not love him to death?

So we brought my new toy home and Bob insisted on taking the above picture of me with it unopened. He is so cute about taking my picture and I just hate being in front of the camera. I am much more comfortable behind it but I indulged him and this is the proof.

Now he was satisficed that he did good by buying me a new toy that I actually wanted he disappeared into his garage to do man stuff while basking in the glow of being the 'World's Best Husband'. As he walked out the door and left me to open the box I came to the realization that I had better cook a meal in this thing soon. I, at least, owed him that. What will I cook now???

The first meal turned out quite well. I made Lemon Chicken. It was lemony, tender and I will cook it again. The second meal was even nicer, Salisbury Steak. As I was cooking it I wasn't thrilled but the finished meal was actually very very yummy.

My first attempt in the Instant Pot. Lemon Chicken.

Here is the recipe. I save all the Instant Pot recipes I use and plan or using in a new folder in Pinterest. This is my Instant Pot Folder which is a sub folder in my Recipes Folder.

My second attempt was Salisbury Steak.

Here is the recipe. I save all the Instant Pot recipes I use or plan on using in a new folder in Pinterest. This is my Instant Pot Folder which is a sub folder in my Recipes Folder.

Now let me remind you that I am not one to follow recipes step by step. I have to add my own tweaks so most recipes have added, or substituted broth or water with wine or beer. They have all turned out very well as I keep in mind that you need to have at least one cup of liquid or it will give you a burn message and stop working. I have yet to see that message so I feel using liquid is a good thing and if you must use liquid why not make it a liquid that will add lots of flavor? Thus the wine and beer.

Not everything I have made in this pot has been good though. I tried using the steamer basket (that I bough separately in Amazon) loaded with a variety of veggies and set it at 20 minutes. It turned into mush. Poor Bob ate it but told me to never do that again. I thinks fresh veggies would probably only need 1 or 2 minutes but we live and learn. From that I learned to make a kick ass fruit juice with blueberries, cranberries and slices of ginger. It is chock full of vitamins and antioxidants and all that good stuff but mostly it is so yummy. I have not taken any pictures of it yet. I will have to do that next batch cause it is so yummy and good for you. My favorite type of recipe is always serendipity and that is exactly what this was - my own invention I stumbled into.

I have also made a couple of soups in the IP. I made a sausage and tortellini soup that was good but to be honest I am not a real big fan of Italian Sausage. Bob liked it though. Then last night I made an awesome soup. It was Ham & Potato soup. I cooked a baked ham on the weekend and couldn't bare to eat ham sandwiches for the next two weeks. So with the left overs I made a container of devilled ham, which Bob loves in his lunches and I used the other half of the leftovers for this soup. It was a big hit so the recipe is a keeper.

Sausage Tortellini Soup. I did not add the cream or cheese. I decided it was not needed and did not miss it. I also substituted swiss chard for spinach and added a little merlot. Here is the recipe. I save all the Instant Pot recipes I use or plan on using in a new folder in Pinterest. This is my Instant Pot Folder which is a sub folder in my Recipes Folder.

Last night's dinner, Ham & Potato Soup. Next time I will try it with bacon rather than ham. I substituted 2% milk for the heavy cream as I find cream in soups to be too rich. The milk worked just fine.

Here is the recipe. I save all the Instant Pot recipes I use or plan on using in a new folder in Pinterest. This is my Instant Pot Folder which is a sub folder in my Recipes Folder.

Well I suppose this brings us up to date in my new adventures in Instant Potting. I will update you as the saga continues. I think as I get more experienced with this pot there will be more awesome inventions like my fruit juice and I am still looking to buy short ribs to cook in the IP. I am sure I could find them at Lococo but they still have line ups outside and I refuse to stand in line for groceries when I don't have to so the short ribs will have to wait.

All My Best

Leslie :)

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