• Leslie Montgomery

Moving On To The Next Holiday

Stock Photo from WIX

Hope all my American peeps had a happy Thanksgiving. I often wonder how you can do Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together as you do but I am glad you do because the end of your Thanksgiving heralds in the beginning of our Christmas season.

I decorated the front yard with lights a few weeks back and last weekend I added the garlands to the railing but today, being the first of December I can finally turn them on.

That is very exciting to me because we have been having very warm weather but this morning we woke up to snow. It will fit the first official lighting of the house. My neighbor across the road is so excited. I gave her a sneak peak at our lights on the weekend. I had to test them anyways and she is such a Christmas freak. So she got to see them for one evening and she just loved it. I think we did pretty well this year too. We actually went a little overboard but normally we go away on vacation for Christmas. This year we will be home eating the traditional turkey rather than fresh caught lobster by the shore so why not?

I also got some smart plugs so now when I want to turn on the lights I just tell Alexa to "Light Up The Night!" and VOILA! The house glows. It is so cool. When I want them off I just tell her "Good Night" The beauty of it is that I don't even have to be home for all this! Some times technology moves way too fast but sometimes it is worth learning. Now I am crazy for smart plugs and Alexa and I don't argue as much these days. I did take a little movie of the lights but have to figure out how to prep it for uploading. Hopefully I will get that worked out soon. If not I will either upload to FB or just take still pictures and be done with it. In the meantime I have added this stock photo for aesthetic purposes.

This morning I sent out the first set of newsletters for my new and improved web site. I wasn't sure about creating a newsletter campaign but all my fellow artists tell me it is a nice thing to do. I tried once before but there was no one to send the emails to so I scrapped the idea. Then after creating links to my newsletter I have received a few takers so I spent all last week and into the weekend researching and creating images and putting together my first REAL newsletter. This morning I have sent them out but it isn't too late. If you would like to receive a newsletter I can send one out to you if you would like. Just add your email to the box on this page HERE In the newsletter I describe my recent adventures in art and I also add a coupon code for a 15% discount on my artist markup in Pixels. The code is good for the months of December and January. In February I will offer a new discount code but the only place you will find these discounts is in my newsletter. I opted to make a bimonthly newsletter for now. After all, I am not out with my camera as much as I would like these days so there is no need to inundate peoples mailboxes. I hate when I sign up to things and I get email after email every day from them for no reason. To me that is SPAM and I will not do that.

Speaking of SPAM..... Don't you hate it when you go into a web site for some info and you get slammed with a wall of popups? Even one popup can be frustrating to me. Just as disturbing is the amount of sites who plaster ads all over the header so you have to scan past that to see the site content. Once you do that you only have a narrow margin to read anything because the footer is also plastered with advertisements. Then sometimes you get that skinny slot ready to read in and a late popup covers it. When I come across these sites I don't look at anything. I am not interested to sift through advertising so I just back out of the site and don't ever return. This is why I have my own domain. I hate the thought of advertisements or popups. You will never ever see me doing that. I don't even have Google Ads. The only things I advertise are the things that I, personally sell.

For this month's email campaign I used a template referred by WIX. It is called Ascend. It is free for what I am using it for but to be honest I am concerned because it has an advertisement on the footer. It looks like it isn't invasive so I decided to go with it but my next newsletter might be more personal. I just need to learn to create templates.

I think I had mentioned a year or so back that I was thinking of adding some freebies to my web site. I just needed some time to think on it and I have been. What to offer?.....

Well I believe I have finally figured it. I especially wanted to offer something that would help to take people's minds off of the troubles of isolation and I was thinking last night that I haven't made a new Mandala for a couple of weeks. Then it came to me... Why not make mandalas with just the outline for free coloring sheets? People love coloring them and I love making them so it seems to be a perfect marriage.

I will be getting on creating a few and then I think I will offer a few each month. They will be totally free to download and print for coloring. I am not sure what format would be best but I am thinking of maybe a PDF might be best. That could change though. I am just in the figuring it out phase right now. Will let you know how it is working out next week when I will probably have more definite plans.

I will leave you on that note so have a great week and be safe wherever you go and whatever you do. All my best

Leslie :)