• Leslie Montgomery

More World Flags On The Way

I first have to say that I am over the moon with how my flags have become so popular. They have quickly become my biggest sellers. Now I can't say which product they are most popular on. I had originally thought they would sell best on face masks and that was my motivation to start creating them but they sell on everything from masks to scarves to posters, tshirts, blankets stickers and even framed wall art. They sell on both Redbubble and Pixels so that only goes to prove one thing. That one thing being that I know nothing!

It's OK. I am used to being proven wrong almost every day. Still I have my opinions and beliefs. ;) So my plan was to have all the World Flags uploaded in time for the Christmas Shopping season. I was well ahead of myself with that plan as I there are so many flags that I just cannot spend that much time creating them and nothing else so I early on decided to make a few at a time. Well we are getting closer and closer to the American Thanksgiving, which I feel to be the official start to Christmas, so I need to get back to it and this time I will finish them all off.

So far I have made 14 this morning which I will upload before making more. I am doing the last of the flags in alphabetical order so if by the time I get this first batch uploaded your country starts with A or B and you don't see it then please let me know and I will rectify that ASAP. There are so many countries and continents and territories and islands and such in this huge world of ours that, even though I try to research each flag, I miss the boat on what is a country and what isn't or what once was a country and is no more. Some of these places switch their borders like we switch the lightbulb. Anyways let me know and I will get your flag out ASAP. In the new year I am thinking of working on some American State flags and Canadian Provinces too. We will see where we go from there. Lastly I would like to thank each and every one of you who have bought something with one of my flags on it. Actually anyone who has bought anything is always appreciate. Each new sale makes me just as giddy as the first. Needless to say this past year with all the sad and scary things that COVID brings with it I have been feeling very blessed from the sales. Thank you all All my Best

Leslie :)