• Leslie Montgomery

Magnolia Moments

Spring certainly does bring a breath of fresh air into our lives, doesn't it? Well it does for me anyway. After a long winter it is nice to see colors get brighter and more dominant with each passing day. It is good for the soul.

I think I had already mentioned my trip to the botanical gardens last week. There wasn't a whole lot of spring colors yet but there was enough to make me happy. I am sure with each passing week there will be more and more. I will go back next month and will probably find so much more.

One thing I did see last week was this beautiful little magnolia tree. It sat at the edge of an open field and stood out like a heavenly beacon. I must admit it actually took my breathe away as it was just the bright signs of colors and spring freshness I was looking for. So I snapped pictures. Lots and lots of pictures from different angles and from far away and from right up close. When I got home and had to settle on a few shots to edit I chose one horizontal picture, one vertical and this close up shot. Don't you love the bright pink in this color scheme?

I chose to edit them into art pieces because I blew them up with Topaz Gigapixel. The program really awesome at doing the impossible. It makes the images larger, which is a very taboo thing to do if you don't know how you are doing it. I have been pretty good at enlarging but not to the extent that this program can. It was well worth the money.

Still, there are times I feel that it just isn't as clear as it should be so I find that to be a perfect opportunity to do what I love. I opened up my PS6 and my Topaz Studio to see what sort of imaginative piece a photo can become. I think it worked on all 3 pieces, don't you?

There will be many more spring flowers,trees, events in photo and art to follow this season but each year there is only one Magnolia Moment. This was mine.

All my best

Leslie :)