• Leslie Montgomery

LeslieMontgomeryArt.com Is Official

I can now say it. I am official! I now have my own domain name and this means we won't be bothered with outside advertisements while browsing through my pages.

I have been wanted to do this for some time because I do enjoy this blogging experience but have not been happy about being free advertising for others. I also have been concerned about the number of images Wix would allow me to put up before they start making old ones disappear.

Wix has been pretty good so far with allowing me to upload images but I knew that could only last so long. I also am one who hates severely when I go into a web site and get inundated with pop ups wanting me to sign this mailing list and that mailing list and also telling me my cookies are being monitored.... Well no kidding they are!!! That is why I clean my browser daily. You don't need to tell me you are and even worse... make me click a link saying that I acknowledge it.

So I did know I would be upgrading eventually and since Wix was offering half price on my own web site I decided this was just as good a time as any. Now, if you had the old website bookmarked please save the new one. Although I am pretty sure Wix will just transfer you to the new domain name I don't know how long that will work either.

Anyway I have been busy outdoors in the garden. I still can't get on my knees yet but I have a little wagon I pull along the garden with me so when I need to get down low I can sit on that. It makes life a whole lot easier than balancing myself in a squat. I also can't get back to the gym yet but am hopeful I can go next week.

In general I am feeling pretty good and spring has arrived to Niagara so I won't let a few cuts and scrapes stop me from enjoying it. There is still so much to be done but at least now I can see an end to it, maybe next week or maybe the week after. It really doesn't matter when because I love the work. However my camera is calling to me so I will get out with it again real soon. Probably before the garden is finished spring prep because when a girl's gotta snap - a girls just gotta snap. ;)

In the meantime the blue jays are trying to entertain me in the garden but the black birds are such brazen creatures. They always try to ruin the fun of my Blue Buzzers. Still, before they get run off they do get their share of nuts. I then put the jar away so the black birds don't get any. I know they have to eat too but they don't earn it. The jays do.

At the top of the page is my latest image of Buzz 2 Point O at the nut bowl with peanut in mouth. I ask you.....How can you not fall in love with these beautiful birds???