• Leslie Montgomery

June Freebies Are Ready For Download

Aren't you lucky! Two blog posts in a week! I felt bad once I realized I missed uploading the free coloring pages for June so got right to work, if you want to call it work. I really truly enjoy making these things. I do hope you enjoy receiving and coloring them. Anyways they are created and uploaded. All you have to do is go to my Freebie Page and click on the thumbnail you want to save. The PDF file will instantly download and you can print and color. Or you can color on your computer or tablet in a graphic program. Your choice.

I also have a few new graphics in my Redbubble and Pixel stores that look pretty awesome on some of the merch and wall art too. The real scoop for me is that I went out on my first photo shoot this year in the back roads of Fort Erie. It might be against the stay at home orders of Ontario but it seems like Bob and I are the only two people in the entire province obeying those rules and I needed to get out cause I am not one to follow conformity so you know this whole year and a half has been boring deep into my soul. This butterfly needs to fly!!!!!

So since no one seems to care, out I went and did I have a great time! Besides the only time I left the safety of my car was to wander into the garden center with mask on and hand sanitizer at the ready.

Didn't get a whole lot of shots but I think I got some good ones so expect to see some new work soon. I also have been getting tons and tons of graphic ideas while browsing through IG lately. I am itching to put some of my new theories to work.

Since the weather is starting to turn to the normal summer mush we get here I expect I will be indoors a lot more. It was a beautiful spring and I got the garden looking awesome but it is getting time for it to tend to itself so I don't melt. This will give me time to do some more art work and put my plans for digital downloads to work. Anyways I hope you enjoy the the new coloring pages and if you haven't already downloaded the older ones please do download them and enjoy. They are all free for the taking.

Have a great weekend wherever you may be spending it.

All my best Leslie :)