• Leslie Montgomery

It Is What It Is

Yes, I know... I am a few days late with the freebies this month and this is becoming habit, but here they are now for you to download, color and enjoy at absolutely no cost to you.

To download and color these and more mandalas click on the mandalas or the above link that says Freebies or just click here. When you see a mandala you want to download just click on it and the large PDF file will instantly download for you. Enjoy :)

I will try to be more on time in August with the freebies but to be honest, I cannot promise I won't be a little late, as I was this month. With the lovely weather I am able to spend more time outdoors than normally this time of year so if I am a few days late don't panic, I can promise I will get them created and uploaded by the end of the first week of the month.

Sooooo it has been beautiful weather here in the Niagara region but it appears that we are about to come into a heat wave. Seems the heat from out west is catching up to us but don't worry. We are better equipped to handle these hot spells than our neighbors to the west. We have AC and a fairly reliable power company so even though I hate the heat and humidity I am not only prepared for tit each year, I am anticipating it. If it doesn't happen.... well.... I will be outdoors.

If we end up in a huge power failure as we did about 12 or 15 years ago I will melt and not do it gracefully either but I don't anticipate that happening again. At least I pray it doesn't.

 I call this ice cream Mocha Locha as it is made with coffee and cocoa. This is Bob's new favorite flavor.
My homemade Ice Cream.

Canada Day was a lovely time in our home. The girls came by Saturday for a BBQ and we had a happy visit. I made all their favorite salads and Bob BBQ'ed burgers and Polish sausage, (They love Polish Sausage) I made ice cream for dessert and everyone was stuffed by the end of the day. Everyone but me. I had a cup of yogurt and a banana along with some watermelon.

Still struggling with the whole weigh loss thing and lately there seems to be no change on the scale in one direction or the other but somehow it feels like I am loosing so go figure.

I am behaving like I never have with the diet, even though it is hard with all the BBQing and such but I keep strong and take out my little cup of yogurt. hahaha. I watch everyone eating and I even make the yummy food for them but I am so good it is hurting and no one understands my pain. They just say "Good for you!" as they chow down on their burger.

At least I can be sure of one thing. When this is over and I am down to a comfortable weight I will never gain more than 5 or ten pounds at any time. I do not want to go through this again!

Of course that is way down the road. I am still giving myself till Christmas to get down to my goal weight and even if it isn't so easy in the summer maybe by the fall it will come off faster. We will see.

So no we have come to the part of the blog where I give you a little update on my work. I must admit this month I have taken a few pictures of things that excite me and I have many many garden pics I will be working with, when I get to sit down and actually create something I don't really have the time to fuss so I have used the short moments to create some fun abstracts. I really enjoy doing them. So here is one that I really enjoy on clothing and as wall art. I also think this looks awesome on all the products. It is so, all round versatile and I made it in 3 colors. I call it Eye Spy because after creating it I realized I had made an eye that follows you around. It is seamless, which means the pattern is continuous so it works really well on clothing. I think I will be making more abstracts that are seamless. It doesn't affect to WOW factor in the abstract but it really works well on products where you don't want the pattern to be so big. Anyways....

Now you can view and buy these on wall art and on clothing and other products in both my Redbubble and Pixels store.

Lastly I want to share a shot I took in my garden that I am rather partial to. I really spend a whole lot of time watching these little buzzers busy at work. They really are amazing creatures.

If you want to see more pics of my garden or watch as I go follow me on Instagram. It is just my personal page but I am told it is quite amusing to follow. Just a little insight into my life and the things I love.

With that I will say good bye for now and wish you a happy July. I will try and get in again this month to post on things but if I don't you can take that as a good thing and we are once again enjoying comfortable weather. If you download the freebie coloring mandalas I truly hope you enjoy them and if you follow me on IG then I will see you in the garden or I should say, you will see me. If you have made a purchase in either my Redbubble or Pixel stores I hope you love your new treasure as much as I have enjoyed making them.

All my best

Leslie :)