• Leslie Montgomery

I'm Late I'm Late For A Very Important Date

I know... a little hooky but then these days I am feeling like I am falling into a rabbit hole. The world is so crazy and I am so uncomfortable with it all. Maybe I should be more like Alice in Wonderland rather than the white rabbit and just go with it. I want some of that magic mushroom of hers!!!

On the upside I managed to get Bob and myself vaccines and we will go tomorrow afternoon for them. Of course then we have to wait 4 months till the next one so this nightmare won't be over for us till September and I an very concerned that even before the date for our second vaccine comes they will say we need to start all over cause we waited too long.

I have no faith in our Canadian government. I feel they are all liars compared to the provincial government of Ontario which is just inept. At least our premier really does seem to care about the people but he is being so severely misguided and one of those who are taking advantage of his naivety is our very own prime minister. Talk about a politician with his own agenda and I do not like his plans for my country. He is actually very upfront about his intentions for our country and it boggles my mind why anyone would vote for him knowing this crap. He certainly is a chip off the old block. If you were alive during his father's reign of terror you will know what I am talking about.

This brings me to the younger generations who ARE voting for him but then (being a good old fashioned Canadian) I don't want to offend anyone so I will leave it there.

I am just worried and have been MIA because I suppose it is a bit of those mental health issues they talk so much about these days. Being an old girl though, I will just call it a funk. I have suffered from this funk for a few months now but sometimes it is a little funkier than others. I will be fine and after we get those vaccines I might just bounce back to my happy old self. Maybe they will call an election and we can boot young Mr. Trudeau to the curb once and for all. That would really make me feel perkier but then I know that is just a pipe dream. He hasn't taxed that yet and it isn't racist or an environmental hazard so I can always dream and no one can stop me.

Drawer Full Of Wrenches

I might not have been sitting at the keyboard adding to the blog but I have not abandoned my work. I have created a few nice images and uploaded them.

Since I haven't been able to get out with the camera because of lock downs I have had to really get creative so I took the camera into Bob's workshop. These images were so well received I might wander back in there and see what else I can't find.

Screw Drivers On The Wall

Many of his tools belonged to his Dad, who was a mechanic so they are older but many are new because he is a man and likes to buy tools just like I like to buy kitchen gadgets. The old and new all make for an interesting mix don't you think?

Drawers Full Of What Nots

Then there are the drawers and boxes full of what nots. As a very organized man he might like his workshop clutter but everything has it's place and he knows exactly where to find anything in that clutter. Well he knows where everything is as long as I keep out of his space. I tend to put things back in the wrong place. You know that irks him to no end but I get a special pass because I am so cute. hehehehe.


I have also dug into my photographic archives and although I think I have worked on a picture or two that I already had in my portfolio I am not concerned because so much time has passed that I created the new ones with a totally different look than originally.


I think it also shows how much I love certain plants. These are both spring garden flowers that I always adore. If I have to, I will look a little deeper and find photos of seasonal flowers that I have not worked on yet, or that I have but have a different take on. I think the difference is that I have just this past year acquired a program called Filter Forge and have been enjoying the filters and flexibility to manipulate them with each image. It makes it even easier to display my creative take on a photo to turn it into art with depth.

In 2 weeks after my first vaccine deems me a little safer in the world I might drive down the parkway into the Botanical gardens with my mask and camera. That is if it is open to the public and the stay at home order gets lifted.

At any rate the Botanical Gardens will be my first venture out with my camera when I am able.

I also finally got my mandala coloring pages posted for free download. I did make them at the beginning of April but this funk kept me from uploading them. I will be better for May and post them at the beginning of the month but look at it this way. If you download these to color you won't have to wait too long for the next batch.

So I suppose that is all the news for now. Yes, I have been down but then who isn't these days? I expect better days to come because I believe these vaccines are the beginning to getting back to normal or at least the start of a new bearable normal.

I don't like to tell anyone what to do but please please please no matter where you are and what you believe be good to others and don't act judgmental even if you think they are totally nuts. We are all (the world over) experiencing uncomfortable changes and many people have had to deal with unbearable loss. Many have questions and some are dealing with peer pressure while others are just plain sad because, let's face it, this pandemic is dragging on and on. Try as we will the end just isn't in our sights and that can depress the hardiest of us. No matter what your story is or what the next guy is going through a friendly smile can make the load a little easier for anyone and it doesn't cost you a dime.

I will leave you with that.

All my best

Leslie :)