• Leslie Montgomery

Getting Ready For Christmas

First off I want to tell you I am very excited that I have finally finished all the world flags. Each and every one of them are created and uploaded into both Redbubble and Pixels. All 210 of them. Now it doesn't matter which country you live in or are from, the flag is in both stores.

Funny thing - the very last flag I created and uploaded was Vatican City. Maybe it is Devine Intervention..... actually it is more like me sitting on the fence as to whether it is a relevant country or not. It is an official country for some reason but I don't think anyone, other than the Pope and his staff, live there. Of course I could be wrong or maybe the Pope's staff consists of enough people to merit creating a country. But I finally decided it is a legitimate country and even though I don't know the exact history of Vatican City, it could very well be important to the millions of Catholics in this world so it is included. I have now started creating some digital abstracts. I really think I need to create more of these. They are amazing on the products, not to mention they are unique and colorful pieces of wall art too. I just think I need more of these pieces in my collections and besides, they are such fun to create.

This brings me to the topic of a purchase I made with Redbubble. I can't tell you what I bought or the images on the products I bought. You will have to wait till after Christmas to learn these things as they are Christmas presents for someone special. No worries though, I have pictures I will share after Christmas. I am uber excited because these things look amazing. Anyways I want to tell you what happened when I bought these things from Redbubble, just last week. They give you a tracking thingy so you can check where your parcel is at any given time but on the weekend I checked and it said the parcel was canceled by sender. The sender being the third party printing company that Redbubble hires out to. They all do it. So I quickly sent an email (on a Sunday morning) to Redbubble explaining that these are gifts that need to be mailed across country as soon as I get them and so I do not have time to be hunting down parcels. I got a reply within minutes stating that they will look into it immediately . So I waited. By Tuesday I did not hear back from Redbubble so I sent another email only to be told that the person who received my original email got in touch with the third party printer and they claimed they did not receive the order, (yeah right!) so it was being made now and will be shipped immediately. About an hour after receiving the email response my parcel was on my door step and I was so impressed in the workmanship that I had a fleeting thought of keeping these things for myself but I know the person it is intended for will love it as much, if not more than I so off it goes as soon as I can wrap it. I still have to get one more item for the parcel today. The moral of this story is where the third party companies are struggling to get things straight Redbubble is on it. I had come across the same problem last time I ordered something and Redbubble not only made sure I got my parcel that time too but I got a second parcel they told me I can keep. They really want to make sure you are 110% happy.

I will leave you with a little video of my birds at the feeder. I told you that you will see more of my feeder as the winter goes on but be prepared. I have added a water dish to the mix so I have some pretty spoiled birds. These birds in the video are just plain sparrows but they remind me of the slapstick comedy of the Keystone Cops. Boy, am I dating myself now!!!!

The other day I saw a woodpecker I have been trying to entice to the suet cages at the side of the feeder. So happy to see he made it to the party. I lowered the resolutions and popped my watermark on this photo because I am thinking of doing something with it. This renders the photo unworthy of stealing but be assured the original is safe on my hard drive.

And with that I will wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend if you are American but no matter where you call home stay safe and happy. When things get frustrating and scary I try to think of how it will be next year this time and it usually helps to ease my mind. Hope that little tip can help someone else out there. Keep the faith my friends. We will get through this nightmare.

All my best

Leslie :)