• Leslie Montgomery

Food - The Reason For The Season

I have been wanting to come online and make a blog post for almost 2 weeks now but I have just been unable to get here. I have made it into FB but even a short time there can put me in a funk these days and then I am shot for the day. I need for this Christmas to come and go so we can get on with life. Hopefully it will be a nice time. Bob will have the week off but I had to tell the girls the other day that there is no way we can do Christmas together. That was so hard to do. Bob and I discussed it and we just can't do it. They are both spending time at the gym and out socializing too. Even though they don't tell us they are we know the truth. Niagara is a small town really.

Anyways the vaccine is finally getting to our country and even though I am not very impressed with the procedures they using to get it out there, it will be available to us meager voters in time for a new election next fall. Two things to look forward to. Becoming safe from COVID and loosing Trudeau!

Bob likes his perogy fried with bacon and onions sprinkled over with a big dab of sour cream.
Fried perogy with Bacon, Onions and Sour Cream

In the meanwhile I have been keeping very busy in the kitchen. I get Alexa to play Christmas music for me as I cook and bake. Last week it was all about Ukrainian cooking. I dedicated 3 days to making perogy or "perohiya" if you are Ukrainian.

This is how Perogy look when they are fresh boiled. I always have small dish sitting by the bowl with some sour cream so I can sample the goods as they are made.
Freshly Boiled Perogy

I am half Ukrainian by my mother's side and half Welsh from my father's side. Perogies and Prime Rib are actually a good combination. The gravy brings the perogy up to a whole other level with your taste buds. Give it a try.

I made enough perogy that we had an awesome meal and then I put 8 dozen in the freezer and gave 6 dozen to my amazing neighbor and a couple dozen to the girls. If you are trying to keep score that adds up to about 8 pounds of bacon, a half dozen onions and I lost count on the amount of potatoes it took. Basically I made 3 batches from my Great Grandmother's recipe.

I know many people fry Pirozhki but my family has always baked them so I do too.
Pirozhki Fresh Out Of The Oven

I also spent a day making my favorite Ukrainian treat, "Pirozhki". These are small buns filled with various types of savory fillings but I made mine with sauerkraut. I know what you are thinking but it is so melt in your mouth yummy with lots of melted butter on them.

When we eat them I pop them in the toaster oven with lots of butter to melt in as they heat up. OMG They are so good! I am glad I promptly put these in the freezer after baking them or I would be reaching for a few right now. The dozen I did keep out of the freezer are gone now and if I didn't freeze the rest they would be halfway eaten by now too. hahaha

Another Christmas delicacy in our home is chopped liver. I love eating it but hate making it as I am not a liver fan at all. Handling it raw always makes me gag but when all cooked chopped liver does not taste like liver if you cooked it right. I was able to save myself from having to make it this season as I have a container in the freezer from the last time I made it. I bought some chicken livers so will make some later this winter if I am not on a big diet from all this Christmas food.

This week I have dedicated to cookies and sweets. I will have pictures for you next week as I am not finished yet. I really need to have my head examined though. My intent was just to make the Ukrainian fare and that would have been plenty of treats for me. I like savory over sweet any day. But Bob asked for some cookies and his wish is my command. Unfortunately he is getting more cookies than he planned on. We now have 4 different types of cookies on the kitchen table and today I will make a concoction called "Moose Munch", something else he asked for. Moose Munch is a caramel popcorn mixture with nuts and drizzled with chocolate and is so addictive to eat. I made it one Christmas for the girls in Bob's office and now they expect it every year. So I have to make a massive batch because if I make for the office I also have to make for the guys in the plant and some for Bob and some for the girls. Maybe I can pawn off some of these cookies on the guys in the plant too. The girls in the office do their own baking so it is not really appreciated as it is in the plant. I will give the girls a big batch of cookie so they can have for the holidays. It can make them think of us as I know we will be thinking of them. I will also give some cookies to our neighbor but she does a lot of baking herself and usually give to us. Oh good!!! More Cookies!!! Just what we needed!!!

Lastly I want to add that the Freebie page with mandala coloring pages I made for the web site is a big hit. I will most certainly be making more to add for January. Maybe make an extra one or two. I expect that next week I should have more time with all the baking behind me so I am hoping to make at least one more post before Christmas. If all goes well I will make 2 more posts. Till then I will leave you with a little video I made of my wee cardinal friend at the feeder. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

All my best

Leslie :)