• Leslie Montgomery

Fashion Trends

I am not, nor have I ever been a fashion freak. My style is all my own. I wear what feels comfortable and what I like and that is very rarely what is in style. And I don't care.

Actually it is pretty easy to read my moods from what I wear. If I am feeling perky I wear bright colors and if I feel like I just want to shrink out of sight I will be in black from head to toe.

I always wear something black but not as a mood thing. I just like black and feel it can pare well with just about any other color be it dark or bright so my pants are usually black no matter what the mood I am in.

Of course lately I am feeling pretty confidant about myself these days with this dieting thing. I still feel frumpy and overweight and that heavy feeling won't go away too quickly but I am looking to the future. The summer in particular.

Come this summer I intend on wearing nice summer dresses that won't look like Hawaiian moomoo's. I might even dig out my old dresses and skirts that I have tucked away and analyze to see if they have passed the test of time. Of course who really cares about that? If I like them and how I look in them and most importantly - if they fit, you will find me wearing them this summer. (crossed fingers)

So with that little introduction I will get to the subject.

I have been browsing through some summer dresses online and I do like what I see most of the time. I think if I can lose enough weight I could pull them off.

While browsing for this years summer styles and colors I came across a few articles online about this topic and low and behold I found some very pleasantly interesting information.

According to these articles, this one in particular The Trend Spotter the colors are going to be a pastel shade which is very reminiscent of the colors of the 70's when I was young and always colorful. Another trend they are pulling out of the 70's is the use of scarves.

I know scarves have been in fashion all along. I have a rack full in my closet to prove that I have been enjoying a nice scarf around my neck and tied loosely but now they are going to use those scarves as bandanas and head gear like we used to wear. I am so excited about that. This is a fashion trend I can get behind!

I then went into Pinterest which I admit I have not been using of late for my promoting. Another story for another day. There I checked into how to tie scarves and now have an entire board on stuff I found and liked. Styling My Way - Scarves.

One thing I discovered while watching these useful hacks was that the bigger the scarf - the more options to do things with. Then I remembered that I sell big, beautiful scarves in Redbubble!

I actually bought a couple of my own scarves for my sister at Christmas and when they arrived I really hated giving them away but I did because she is worth it. I will just buy myself a few now the Christmas rush is over. These scarves from Redbubble are so luxurious!

I also want to buy a dress from my Redbubble too but I will talk about that when the time is right. It might be a little late in the game but I just may become a fashionista yet.

So with no further ado because I have already said a mouthful, here are a couple of advertisements I came up with for my scarves....

I feel my best work for these scarves are either my digital abstracts or my mandalas. Two art styles I adore working in so expect more and more as time goes on. Subsequently these two styles also work really well on the A-line dresses and I have seen where they look beautiful with a wide belt.... but again, another topic for another day.

So with that I will urge all to look to brighter days. For me that will be the Spring and summer. Maybe it might be a little sooner for you. I hope it is.

All my best

Leslie :)