• Leslie Montgomery

Farms And Barns

This has been a very productive week for me. I wanted to get into some photographic art work as I feel I need to add more to my portfolio before I have more fun with straight digital art, which I have plenty of ideas on mind to produce.

Sadly though, I was feeling I had exhausted my newer photos from last summer as I didn't get out much. I must have forgotten that although I wasn't out weekly, like I normally enjoy doing, I did get out on weekend jaunts with Bob and we did get some good farm shots in.

You can imagine it was my very pleasant surprise to find a couple of folders full of farm photos along with a few more garden pics so I went to work. I created and uploaded these 4 farm and barn images this week along with an awesome rendition of my garden Buddha, which became an instant success all around.

I also added this digital abstract which I love. I am thinking of buying a 3 layer mask and a scarf to match from Redbubble. I might even get the tote bag to go along with the ensemble but maybe that might be overkill. What do you think?

I'll let you know whether I push that envelope or not.

Then yesterday I finished this photo art piece from a picture of my newest garden ornaments. I have yet to upload it as I just finished it yesterday afternoon so think of this as a sneak peek. I should have it uploaded and ready for sale either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I really love how these guys turned out.

So you can see it has been a good week for me. I feel good about it, not to mention that with all the snow we have been getting I have been getting my steps in with the shovel and/or snow blower.

I don't normally use the snow blower unless we have been dumped on with wet, heavy stuff or the snow ploughs have been very sadistic in their plowing jobs. This week, however was both, a load of snow and a nasty snow plough driver so out came the snow blower.

When it gets heavy like that both I and the neighbor across the road pull out our machines and we take care of everyone in the neighborhood. I got a laugh this time from one of the neighbors who is not normally here in the winter. He is European and prefers the warmer climates in the winter but COVID has kept him in the hood this winter. Early this week he was out trying to remove the salty mess the ploughs dumped on him and along I came with my snow blower and told him to give me a minute and I will have that cleared for him.

Poor guy didn't know how to take having a woman doing the heavy work for him. It was just too much for his macho mind to absorb so even though I got a chuckle out of it both I and the neighbors agreed that from now on if there is anyone else (of the male persuasion) out with a snow blower we will all save him face and send the man to help. He is a nice man but too old to change his attitude now. I don't want to offend him.

Not every day is a snow day, however, and although we are pretty diligent on our street with clearing the sidewalks, most people in Niagara don't really bother with it much so walking is not easy and I need to get my steps in. So I splurged a few weeks back and ordered a treadmill. Bob agreed it would be a good investment because not only does it get too cold and treacherous to walk in the winter around here, it it too dangerously hot and humid in the summer so the treadmill can be used year round.

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive. I thought I ordered it from Amazon itself but turns out it is coming from China. It is scheduled to get here any time between yesterday and March 2 so hopefully by my next post I will be telling you all about my new toy. (Crossed fingers)

Till then.......

All my best

Leslie :)