• Leslie Montgomery

Faithful Buddha

Well it has been a difficult end to winter and start to spring but I think I can safely say that the worse winter of my life is behind me.

It started with another cold 3 weeks ago which came out of the blue and only lasted a week or so, thankfully. Then when I thought it was safe to go outside last Saturday I went into the garden to start on some late clean up. A job that should have already been done but with all the virus's, who has time?

It was a lovely morning getting down and dirty, digging out old plants and preparing the ground for new, moving a few plants around and just enjoying life in general again. As I was doing this Bob was in the front yard removing the last of the hedges that we inherited when we bought the house. The hedges I hated the most of them all. You see the hedges around the entire yard were a mish mash of different shrubs that were so old and woody. It just never looked right but to replace them all at the same time would have been way too expensive and way too much work at one go. Digging out all those ancient roots are a horrible job. So every couple of years we have removed a few shrubs and this was to be a celebration removing the last of them but it ended up being a nightmare.

When Bob gave me the signal that he had finished with cutting back the shrubbery I came out front to inspect the new, clean look and was so excited. It was beautiful to see the empty space that gave our front yard more freedom and looked so clean even before the cleanup. Needless to say I gave him lots and lots of Kudos to a job well done.

Then as he was about to move the old shrubs from the lawn he gave me his chain saw and asked me to take it to the garage for him. I gladly took it and walked briskly toward the driveway when it happened.

As I walked around the corner of the house and onto the drive I felt a sudden jolt. The cord to the chainsaw was dragging and caught on something and it was not going to budge. It was such a large jolt, however that it stopped me dead in my tracks and as doing so I tripped on the steps to the house. That was when I started to stumble across the driveway.

This all happened in slow motion in my head even though the whole incident took seconds to play out and I am thankful for that. It gave me time to make choices. I felt at one point that if I didn't veer to the side I would hit the down spout of the house and then I would fly into the fence, face first. Then when I cleared that I looked up and noticed I was heading straight for the garage door and I would be stopped suddenly by that but again, face first. So I chose to fall before that would happen. I then dropped in a very painful manner.

My legs were in the way during the drop and so I not only hurt a few muscles on the way down but I scraped the entire side of my right leg. It was a bloody mess.

As soon as it happened Bob heard a thump and came running around the corner to see what had happened and found me crumpled on the driveway cursing and swearing and maybe crying just a teeny bit.

So anyway, to make a long story short I ended up with a bloody scraped leg and the pain from that isn't near as bad as the aching muscles in both legs that got stretched out of their comfort zones. Although I get more sympathy for the nasty mess on the side of my leg I cannot begin to describe the throbbing muscles I have to deal with along with the slight cough still lingering from that cold. This all makes me a tad grumpy and I could swear I have been cursed by someone. I can think of, at least, two people in my life who would love to see me suffer and I wouldn't put this sort of thing past either of them. My way of blaming anybody but myself for the crummy winter I just had that ended with a bang. hahaha

After a week of the latest issue I am feeling better. I cannot go to the pool for another couple of weeks because of the open wounds and that makes me sad but I am now at a state where I am thankful it wasn't worse. Those achy muscles could have been damaged much more severely. I haven't been able to go outside and prepare the ground from the old hedges as our plan is to put a fence up there. You see one of the people I mentioned who would be so inclined to curse me lives right next door to those hedges. She is my rude and lazy neighbor who doesn't care for anyone who has a sunny personality. Needless to say she is always picking fights with us and I feel so bad for her children who I worry are doomed to have the same sort of personality as their mother one day because that sort of attitude is all they know. It breaks my heart but this post isn't about the neighbors so enough of that.

Now you would think with all this time being laid up with one thing after another I would have lots and lots of images done but this achy muscle issue was worse than the colds and fever in hindering my creativity, not to mention that at the end of the winter I am running low on reserve photos to work on.

The old photo of Buddha I worked from

Well I suppose the pain is lessening or I am just used to it at this point but the other day I got a revelation and found an old photo from my garden. It is from 2014. Not a great photo. I took it with an old camera and it really wasn't a well thought out shot. It is of one of my garden Buddhas but was taken in the early spring with no growth around it. He had a chipped knee and was full of grass clippings from the first lawn cutting of the season but I liked the straight on shot of it so I took it into Photoshop where I mended his knee,cleaned up the grass clippings that clung to Buddha and then removed the background around him. Then I created my own background and added some wise words from Buddha himself and voila!!! I had 5 images of the same subject to save the day for a not-so-productive week.

It was a last minute thought to add the mandala to the background and I am so happy I did as that is what gives my Buddha his character, don't you think? I have many Mandala's in reserve to post when I don't have pictures as they are becoming more and more easy for me to create and I find them so very relaxing but I don't want to swarm my market with them alone so I am trying to spread them out a little better. Now I think I might use more of them for background images. This might be the start of a new trend for me.

Soooo to sum this up I am happy to say that the aches and pains and coughs and sneezes are over for another year and hopefully so it the freak accidents too. I am now in a much better frame of mind and ready to face the world again. Along with the new growth of spring and fresh start to the growing season happening I should have new photos to work with is a short time. We are planning on taking a drive with the cameras on Saturday so hopefully we will come home with workable photos. In the meantime I will gladly share another mandala or two. I do love them so and it appears others do too because they get lots of hits. Still no mandala sales but I know that will come in time. I am patient.

I hope you have a happy Easter weekend. We are having the girls for dinner today. I had gathered some fun things for an Easter Egg hunt for them but it is a rainy day so I might just give them their baskets with their goodies in them. Then after a lasagna dinner we will end our nontraditional Easter as they have work to do the rest of the weekend and we will have some old folks fun on a little road trip. Whether you are into the traditional or not, please make the most of the time. Be original and I can guarantee the weekend will be memorable. I suppose that is the reason Bob and I find ourselves shying away more and more at the traditional activities in life.

All my best