• Leslie Montgomery

Everything Old Is New Again

This past summer we went to a vintage car show in Font Hill Ontario, a place you really should see next time you find yourself in the Niagara Region. The town is quaint enough but the winding roads surrounding the town are such a beautiful drive, especially when the colors change in the autumn. These are the hills of the Niagara Escarpment.

It was a hot, sizzling day and wandering around a bunch of old cars and revving engines was not my idea of the perfect way to spend the day but turns out I was wrong.

I went to the show because it was something Bob wanted to do and I love my husband. Turns out I love more than just my husband. I fell in love with these old cars. Not for the same reason he loves the old steel though.

I fell in love with these cars because they brought back memories of my youth. You see when these cars were considered old rather than vintage they were the affordable rides we were looking for as teenagers. OMG they were fun to bomb down the country roads of my younger days! They had power like we have never seen since. The 70's were the best time to be young. (sigh)

Anyway I took hundreds of photos at the show and have been slowly adding them to my online collection. This weekend I added 3 more photos to the slowly growing stable of cars I have online. Unfortunately they might look like straight photos but if you believe that you have never been to a car show. These shows attract a lot of people. There is no place you can photograph where there isn't someone in the picture. Proof in point - check out the reflection in that chrome bumper. There are way more than just my image in that mirror-like shine.. That is where the beauty of Photoshop comes into play.

The best you can do when photographing is trying not to get anybody between you and the car itself. Also the fewer people in the shot/ the easier it is to remove.

This particular picture wasn't too bad. First off I removed the window ticket that tells you the make, model, owner and year of the car. Then I removed an awning behind the car that looked like half an awning but was in fact the angle of the shot made it look cut off. I also at that point made the sky look a little more interesting with some clouds.

From there I only had 2 people who needed to disappear. One was a man standing clearly behind the car and the other was a woman behind the front bumper. She wasn't so visible but I didn't want her in the picture.

When removing the man it did get a little trickier because his head was in front of the store awning so I needed to rebuild more than just a window reflection. I needed to fix the A in the upper signage and rather than trying to copy the wording in the awning I removed all the writing. I knew I couldn't match the lettering so I went to work in reflecting the crinkles in the awning itself. Here is the original picture. See if you prefer this new one better.

Original photo - looking at this the partial awning still bugs me more than the man.

Out of the Two photos I needed to do some rebuilding on this was the easiest but for some reason it is the one I chose to share in this blog. The other is a Ford Fairlane with a very cool retractable roof you can see here. In the case of the Ford, the background was in fact a vender's booth that looked very junky. That took a long time and a lot of detail to rebuild the background but the car itself was worth it.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing these cars. I certainly did have a blast both taking the photos and working on the finished images. As mentioned, I have a folder full of these beautiful cars and I will be adding more as time goes on.

We are also planning on visiting more car shows this summer to come. Since this was my first I know now a few tricks to take better, more interesting shots and as for the people.... well I also now have the confidence in my abilities to remove them.

All my best

Leslie :)