• Leslie Montgomery

Could Spring Be On It's Way?

Crocus's popping out of the ground

I certainly hope so. As you can see my crocus's are out. I took this picture yesterday along with some really good ones that I will be using on my art. This has been a relatively mild winter but it seemed to be the longest one yet. Especially since Bob's fall. So you can imagine that these little purple beauties are bringing some great hope of brighter days to come for both of us. Although we know that March can be fickled and crazy with surprises of it's own.

Bob has been mending quite well but we have the odd set back to remind us that his ribs are still very fragile and we need, at least, 2 or 3 more weeks before he can finally say he is mended and whole again. Poor guy just hates being unable to do the things he has always taken for granted and as much as he has been trying to be patient with me he can be the grumpiest old man I have ever known! Poor guy tries his best though so I bite my tongue and soldier on. It isn't easy having that constant pain nagging at you and who can you take it out on if not those who love you unconditionally.

Anyways even with all that we had a nice weekend. Got outdoors, spent some time talking and laughing with the neighbors, inspected the yard and gardens and took a nice drive yesterday. We even managed to have a BBQ for supper last night.

We made burgers and since I can't have the cheese and bun I did enjoy my burger on a small tortilla. Not quite the same but it was tasty none the less.

The diet is coming along quite nicely but slow. Ohhhh soooo slowwwww! I am on my treadmill every chance I can and really enjoy it. I also am very conscious of what I eat. I must admit that weight watchers has really helped to reteach me good eating habits again but the weight isn't exactly melting off. I seem to be loosing one pound a week but last week I lost 2 pounds so that was a celebration for me.

Then this morning I hopped on the scale as I weigh myself every Monday morning and nada. Did not loose one pound last week. I suppose I should be grateful that I didn't gain anything but MAN!!!! I cannot believe how slow this whole thing is going! I was hoping to be able to wear nice summer dresses this summer but at this rate it might not happen. I will not walk around feeling like I am in a moomoo. Oh well. That was just me feeling sorry for myself. In all honesty I have given myself a year so by next year this time there should be considerably less of me in this chair. I just have to look at the whole picture and not focus on the moment. I can say, however, that there will be no more burgers for a while! Bun or no.

Giving A Hoot In The Forget-Me-Nots

On the art front.... I have been doing quite well. We did have some pretty nasty weather and I have been indoors trying to give Bob his space without my hoovering so I have been busy at work on my art.

When he got back to work I have been playing catch up in the housework but have been continuing with the art as best I could.

It seems that just when I don't think I can dig up any more photos from past years to work on or with, more pop up that I wonder why it took this long to see potential in.

I found these weather vane photos that I took last fall on a drive Bob and I went on. They were a little blurred but was able to make great graphics out of them and I think they turned out really awesome.

It excited me about going out and getting more weather vane photos but when we took our drive yesterday even though I had the battery charged in my camera it sat at home on the kitchen table. Of course that is when you see things you wish you had the camera for, including a couple of weather vanes. Next time!!!!

Here are a couple of my favorite household decorations. The top is Isis, the Egyptian Goddess for the moon and other things. She comes from my phase of Egyptian antiquities or replicas of antiquities anyway. It all started back in the days of our first visit to Vegas when we stayed at Luxor. That was when Luxor was still a nice hotel and very much in an Egyptian theme. From there I must say my love of Egyptian art escalated till it fizzled out a couple of years ago. I still keep a few trinkets to remind me of it though.

The second is a relic from my parents time of fun in the sun in Mexico every summer. This was way back in the 70's and I now have many Mexican trinkets around from their travels in the country. I think they were in Mexico City when they bought this Aztec calendar but then I could be wrong. They went all over Mexico at a time when it was very feasible to do so.

And lastly... I also got a few abstracts in. Both these digital abstracts were time fillers for me that really helped me get through some uninspired moments. These sorts of things teach me that even if you feel you can do nothing original, all you need do is just get down to it and before you know it that dry spell has lifted and you are feeling inspired once again. I added these to both my stores in multiple colors each. I think they are both fun and funky in very different ways.

Well I suppose that catches us up. As always, you can find all of these images on wall art and various products in both my Pixels and Redbubble stores. All except the crocus's. Those are just from my private photos but I have earmarked one particular shot of these petite little flowers of hope for something artistically interesting. So till next week I will leave you with the hope of being at least one pound lighter by then. Wish me luck....

All my best

Leslie :)