• Leslie Montgomery

Cookie Sale For ALS

Well it has been a busy time for me! Getting back to life and living. It is so nice to be healthy. I have my fingers crossed that it lasts cause my girls are sick with a flue virus right now. I hope and pray I don't get it.

Part of getting back to normal life includes morning visits to the gym. I love to do Aquafit at the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. It is the highlight of my days most days and in the summer months it is my saving grace for getting through the heat and humidity of the season.

I have a few Aquafit teachers but my favorite, Jacqui, is a pretty amazing person. She is a retired nurse who is so fit it is scary. She rides her bike, jogs,and teaches multiple classes at the gym, the least intense class being my Aquafit, which is my best workout.

Anyway Jacqui has a busy life but she also has a sense of family and community.

Sadly, her family is cursed with ALS. but not being one to roll over and play dead, like many of us would, Jacqui has chosen to do something.... anything. So along comes the Walk for ALS . Jacqui is not only participating in the walk, she is making an added incentive for donations to sponsor her with her own homemade chocolate chip coolies. Don't they look yummy?

Jacqui's walking team consists of herself and two family member's. They call themselves Team PADDLE. PADDLE stands for the names of her dear relatives this dreadful disease has taken. ALS isn't normally herditary but in the case of this family there is a definite pattern. Don't you think? If you want to get in on these freshly baked treasures straight from Jacqui's oven then please sign her donation list with a gift of 10 dollars or more . Simply add in the message box your address so Jacqui can get the cookies to you.

Now of course if you don't want the cookies but just appreciate the cause then donate without receiving anything but Jacqui's (and my) deep appreciation. Just remember whether you have a sweet tooth or not the walk is on June 8 2019. If you live in or near the Niagara region then come on down and cheer on Team Paddle as they make their way to the finish line. And you know that when someone is as fit as our team then you must realize they will not only make it to the end but will make it early on in the game too.

ALS is an acronym for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis but is more commonly known as the Lou Gehrig disease for the famous baseball player who first made the disease publicly known. It is a horrible debilitating disease that has no cure but it can be slowed down by certain drugs. Let's all give a little to fund research so they can find an end to ALS once and for all. Give your donation here Team PADDLE. Thank you.

All My Best

Leslie :)