• Leslie Montgomery

Changes Are Afoot

I have been so busy with life, work and home, which is a good thing but it has mean't I haven't had time to work on this web site. Well that is about to change.

Change is always a good thing, don't you think? It is how we move forward rather than staying stagnant. I have decided in order for this web site to work for me I need to put some work into it. Work that will be easy to keep up on once I make a few changes. So I am taking some time off my work to update the site and revamp some of my processes.

A few things are going to happen around here. I will be keeping the blog but I think it needs a new look. Not exactly sure what sort of look just yet but I will figure it out as I go. I also plan on starting a free download page with backgrounds, textures and such that I create. I usually make these and only use them once so why not share them with the world ? I plan on figuring out how to make a video or two with slides of my work and they will be shared here also. After all, the space for video comes with the site! First things first though. My Shop pages will undergo cosmetic surgery along with the home page to begin with so I guess the truth is that change will happen across the entire site. Should be interesting if nothing else.

One thing I know for sure is once change starts around here it will be like a landslide because I have always been the sort to jump in feet first and thus creating a tsunami as once I get momentum I will sit up all night long working till I am satisfied. I am sure this will be no different. After all, this is how the entire web site came to be so why not it's updates?

So keep checking in. You might enjoy my quiet caos as my web building skills are not what they used to be. I will stumble through though.

All my best

Leslie :)