• Leslie Montgomery

Butterfly Kisses

Well all better now from the latest virus and a little set back from eating (ahem) yogurt. Do yourself a favor and if you have never eaten Activia please please please google it before trying. There are some real nightmare stories out there. I am fortunate in that I only had a week of cramps. Many have been left much worse off.

Anyway that is behind me and I finally mustered the energy to work on some pictures from my visit to the Butterfly Conservatory. I think they are all being received quite well. Well enough that next winter I will chance the risks of catching another virus to visit again. I might not be so unfortunate next time.

The photos all turned out very nicely but I decided that if I were to share the photos as is they would just be the same old/ same old because there are a whole lot of butterfly pictures circulating out in the world right now. I suppose everyone is trying to beat the winter blahs. After all at this point who really wants to see another snow covered scene? I certainly don't! So to make my butterflies stand out I processed them into paintings. I am very pleased with the turnout and as I already mentioned, I think others are enjoying them too.

On another note..... The good people behind the scenes at FAA/Pixel have been busy updating our websites. This is why I find them to be a cut above the rest. Check out my new look courtesy of FAA/Pixels leslie-montgomery.pixels.com. Isn't that very professional looking? I think it looks amazing and I had to do very little tweaking to it.

It was ironic that they changed the looks when they did because I was busy all weekend updating & creating new collections so that it is easier to browse for certain images and on Monday the new look popped up unannounced as a surprise for us all. It was like there was a bee in my bonnet that said it would be worth my while to do some house cleaning of my own on the site.

It looks like Redbubble is not to be left behind. I have always liked the layout of Redbubble. It is easy to navigate IMO but they are now making it easier to upload new images and they also, are doing some tweaking behind the scenes. I have a feeling that both POD's will be taking it a bit further and offering more merchandise soon.

I certainly am happy with both POD's at this point. I mean neither are perfect but then I doubt there is such a thing. One man's perfection is another's flaw. They check off all my bullet points for a good company. They both respond very quickly to my queries and neither have ever caused me a problem with getting paid promptly. I have never had a return so that tells me that the customers are also pleased with their buys and that makes me very happy. Now I would love to see a couple more products on both. I would probably buy some puzzles myself if one of the two companies offered them and I think some stylish looking serving trays would rock. I have seen other POD's offering furniture now. Some of it looks very cool and sleek too so maybe my POD's will go in that direction themselves. Who knows?

I have been with FAA long enough to know that we don't know in advance if and when they offer a new product. We are just surprised with them and then we must adjust all our images to suit it. So far there have not been any new products offered with Redbubble since my being with them so I think they are probably the ones who will get on that soon. I am curious to see who will be the next one to update their product list.

In short I have thought now and then of taking on another POD but to be honest I doubt I can handle the workload and I just love these two POD's so much so I am going to keep the status quo for now. Hopefully my Art Licencing company will produce some good things for me one day soon but for now, to quote Lady Gaga, I am on the right track baby.

All my best