• Leslie Montgomery

Busy Days In The Garden

Treasures from the garden center.

Now we are finally getting real spring weather I am busy busy busy in the garden and happy for it. I have been moving plants and weeding and planning and, of course, buying and planting new additions to the garden. That is my favorite part.

This pictures is a few flats of mostly annuals. Many have made their way into pots and the perennials are in the garden but the annuals going in the ground still have to wait a week or so before I can plant them. Still could get a sudden frost and then they would just die. Don't want that!

Bleeding hearts in my neighbor's garden.

Another fun part of spring activities in our neighborhood is hanging with the neighbors, sharing plants, gossiping and laughing. The latter two events are usually at our husband's expense. ;)

I love our neighbors across the road. When Bob fell this winter they were right here to help and I don't know what I would have done without them. Then on a regular day they are just always the first to give a friendly smile or a conversation to break the doldrums of the times or to enjoy each other's efforts in our home projects. She grows vegetables in her garden so I don't. I don 't even need to go to the farm. In the summer there are fresh veggies on my doorstep every morning. In turn when I thin out my flower gardens she always prospers from it. Her front gardens are beautiful and most of her flowers come from my garden so I get to enjoy them all over again as I see them bringing color to the front of her house.

We also get involved in the season house decorating together. Actually if it weren't for her I probably wouldn't decorate for autumn but she gets such joy looking out on the neighborhood all decorated so we all do it for her. I feel it is the least I could do.

Anyways I could go on and on about our awesome neighbors just as I could go on about our not so great neighbors beside us but this is an upbeat post so no mention of them..... this time. ;)

On the art front I have had very little creating done as I have just been too busy in the garden but I did do some word art mostly for Redbubble. But the ones with background I put into Pixels/FAA also. I would put the words without background there too but the file sizes are just too large so in order to get them in there I would have to shrink them and they loose their "pow factor" when I do that IMO.

I also have been doing some contemplating while in the garden so when I got a chance I came online and discovered I really haven't been using my WIX website to it's full capability as I should so my garden thoughts are going to come to fruition this summer when I have the time. I will open a shop right here in my web sight for digital downloads. I am going to make seed packets and gift and package labels. I thought it might be tricky trying to set up my own store but it really isn't from wheat I am reading. I just need the time to do it so when the summer heat comes I will spend my time making some templates for seed packets and labels and then uploading them. I'm very excited about that.

I have been very happy with Redbubble and Pixels so have not wanted to add another POD site as many do. I feel that is spreading myself too thin but this will be a different product and since my free mandala coloring pages are such a hit I think this will be too. I can see myself spreading this out to other downloadable projects as time goes on. Maybe some scrapbook packages. We shall see what road this takes me down as I hop on it.

So stay tuned for further details as I gather them.

Other than the garden and my new plans I really don't have much else to add except that I have lost another 2 pounds this week.... so happy dance over that!!!! We are still under lock down here in Ontario and everything is closed save for the grocery stores and garden centers. I discovered the other day that the dollar stores are open also but they can't sell anything other than groceries and toiletries so if you grab something in another isle they have to tell you at the checkout. I don't know why they don't just block the isles so we know up front.

Oh yes, the drug stores and liquor stores are open. It is one of our girl's birthday this weekend and I have been wanting to get her a gift that I thought I could get this week but turns out I should have ordered it ahead so we will get her a bottle of her Venezuelan rum and another little something I picked up for her. We probably won't be able to see her even though we have all had our first shot. This lock down is taking it's toll on more families than ours so I won't complain too much and at least I have our neighbors. They got their shots the same time we did and they see no one but us too (They also don't see their kids). Since we are the only ones each other sees it is like we are in the same household so we do relax the rules a bit with them but only recently and we don't get as close as we could get. No hugging!!!!! hahaha

So with that I will leave you with a wish for a happy spring week ahead and buck up. We will all get back to some sort of normal soon. At least I hope we will. Till then just try to enjoy the little things, like a flower on the fresh planted strawberry plant that will soon grow into a yummy fruit.

All my best

Leslie :)