• Leslie Montgomery

Bring On The Spring

Well wasn't that a rather wet and cold Sunday we just had? I know - I know... April showers and all but this is not yet April and warm spring showers are a little different from so cold it is almost snow! Wah Wah Wah...... OK. I got that out of my system. You know it had to be said?

Bob built this work bench in the shed under the windows so I can look out into the garden as I work.
The work bench in my garden shed.

Anyways we made the best of it all. I might not have been able to get out into the garden but I did get into the garden shed and did some big time cleaning. While I was at it I took some fun pictures of Bob's work bench and tools. Hopefully I can put some of them into my work. We will see.

Doesn't the space clean up nicely? Or maybe I just need more stuff. ;)
My garden shed all clean & tidy

In the meantime I can always share them here, can't I? So check out my clean and orderly garden shed.

Pretty organized, don't you think? Don't let the pictures fool you. Just a few hours before these pictures you couldn't walk in there for junk. We tend to just toss things in there as the winter drags on. It doesn't help that we also use this space to store all the front and back porch furniture during the winter.

When Bob built the shed off of his workshop for me it wasn't supposed to be for storage. It was supposed to be purely for my garden stuff as he was upset with me using up his garage space. I guess, however, one good turn deserves another as I use his garage during the winter to keep my car nice and clear of snow now that it is empty of my garden clutter. So since I am not gardening in the winter it only makes sense to use my space for storage.

I don't complain. At least not till the springtime when I want all that crap gone gone gone. ;)

Now it is out of there and except for the bikes and his snow blower the only things stored in there are gardening equipment. Don't you love the little workbench he made me under the windows? He really did build this shed with love and I adore the space (when it's clean).

As for his garage.... well it really isn't completely empty of my garden stuff ALL the time. At this particular moment my car is back in the driveway for the season but my wheelbarrow and a few bags of black earth are in there only because I am using them for the front gardens and the garage has better access to the front yard.

So far Bob has been a sweetheart and not said anything but then his ribs are still stopping him from all out physical labor so he doesn't really use the space at the moment. This peace will not last forever though so I need to get busy and get my stuff out of his space real soon. hahahaha

The "Get Well" flowers Bob's work sent him

I got a few images made and uploaded this past week. One is of the purple crocus's I was sharing last week and the other 3 are taken from the get well bouquet that Bob's company sent him when he fell and hurt himself.

Isn't that a cheery display? I still have the happy face vase and am hoping to refill it with some garden flowers this summer. If you want to see the images I made from these flowers check them out at my Pixels or Redbubble stores.

With the end of the month coming up I have decided that sending out a newsletter is a little redundant as everything I put in there you can get from reading my blog. I will, however, share the new free coloring pages of Mandalas next week. That will not end. After all, I enjoy making them and from the amount of downloads I have deduced that you enjoy coloring them so we will continue with adding those monthly.

Life is all about change and so is this business adventure of mine so who knows, I might revisit the newsletter idea in the future but for now I get the feeling that it is just spam and I absolutely hate receiving spam so the last thing I want to do is send it. I have a few ideas for more different types of free downloads for the future but at this point I think the mandala coloring pages are just fine.

The moral of that story is to be prepared because you never know what changes I might make along the way. I am not one to just keep the status quo till it doesn't work anymore.

Well with that I will end this blog post with a wish for everyone to feel the warm spring sun on their faces soon.

One more wish I want to send out is for my sister to have a very happy birthday this week. We might not be getting any younger, Christine, but we will continue to be more fabulous with each passing year! XOXOXOX

All my best

Leslie :)