• Leslie Montgomery

Back Again

Well I am back. Did you miss me?

I had to give up my domain shortly after the COVID crisis started. It was time to renew my domain and I did not want to spend money on anything unnecessary. I decided that since I still had FB, Pinterest and Twitter and they were all free, I should wait on renewing my domain till I was sure that the finances wouldn't get drained and our savings were safe in case one or both of us ended up with this virus. During these past months I have been so good with my spending, something I don't typically shine at. I had changed my habits to go grocery shopping once a week and we have been saving money left and right because I have been so frugal. The bonus is that the credit card is squeaky clean. Yes, I have shopped online for a few things I can't or don't want to get in the store but we pay that immediately. We have been able to save enough that if COVID hits our home we will be safe to pay the bills for a couple of months, if not more. I cannot tell you how much of a relief that is. I have no faith in the government to give us money without strings. They are really only good at taking from us, and boy do they take!!! So today I noticed a half price sale with WIX and decided now I can splurge a bit and renew my domain so here I am. Actually I have been waiting and hoping for this sale. Not overly happy with FB these days. I am not racist in any way (at least I don't believe I am) and, being Canadian I honestly don't care what Donald Trump says about anything but I also think you Americans are brutal! I hate Prime Minister Trudeau with a passion myself, As a matter of fact calling that boy king "Prime Minister" really sticks in my craw. I hate how he has managed this country and fear where he is taking it but even knowing that about myself, I respect other's opinions even if they don't match mine. Because you hate Trump you also hate anyone who likes him or if you like him you hate everybody who hates him. It's mind boggling! What ever happened to "Freedom Of Speech or "Free Will"? So with Zuckerberg obviously taking sides in this political battle he has made FB one of the most censored venues I have seen in recent years. That is a dangerous game in itself. It gives this person power and have you ever heard the term "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." well I think Zuckerberg has reached the stature of absolute power and I worry about the direction FB is going in. I mean, what if he decides that it is a hate crime for Canadians to Hate their Prime Minister just like any American who likes their President is a racist? If that should happen I will be locked out of FB so quickly it would make you hair grey, or my hair anyway, which BTW already is. I mean I try to keep my opinions to myself but I am only human and now and then I need to vent too. Ask anyone on FB and they will tell you I am not a Liberal in any stretch of the imagination. hahaha I still keep my FB page but no one sees it, not even those who subscribe to it as I won't pay for exposure. This is the way they want to go and it isn't my place to complain so I think it's time to not rely on it too much as the future of unpaid FB pages might be coming to an end. I am feeling the safest place for me to promote my work from is my own web site and blog so the timing was right to dust it off and get back to blogging.

Regarding my work..... here is what has been happening....

I think I have been such a big scaredy cat with this virus but I am not alone. It seems most photographers are scared to go out in the word like they once did. So, like many others, I am spending more time working on old photos and doing digital work. I spent a month or so creating more world flags and they are a big hit in Redbubble. Mostly on face masks but people buy them on other products too. Everyone likes to display their country's flag with pride. I know I do so I bought a few masks with the Canadian flag myself.

I have also been selling a lot of poetry based images so have tried to make more images featuring a famous poem or poet. That is always fun for me to find just the right poem to go with the right image. I can easily get myself lost in poetry and then call it a good day even though not much gets accomplished.

Then there are the mandalas. I think as time goes on I get more and more creative with them. I really love them and so do the girls. I bought a few face masks and tote bags with mandalas for them. I am thinking of buying a couple of those big, beautiful scarves with mandalas all over them for Christmas presents too. As you can see, I have been busy at work on my art and have been doing quite well with sales. Thank you to all who have purchased from me in either my Redbubble or Pixels store. So that has been life this past summer in a nutshell. I have also been busy in the garden and spending time with the girls too. Bob takes me for drives in the country when he sees I absolutely need to get out and although he has good intentions to take me places with my camera he has a heavy foot on the gas petal. By the time I see something that I think might make a good subject he is a couple of miles down the road so he has to turn around and then many times it really isn't what it first appeared to be when we blurred past it originally. So I just put the cover on the camera lens and let the speed demon have fun driving. It makes me happy to see him relaxed. He has had to go to work every day through this pandemic and as stressful as it is for me to send him off each day I cannot imagine the horror of facing strangers every day while he worries of bringing this virus home to me. So if driving like a teenager gives him some release who am I to deny him? Anyways if you are reading this blog post know that I appreciate your loyalty and stay tuned as I have some ideas to get more traffic back to my web site. First thing, however, is I will try to direct traffic from FB, Twitter and Pinterest to this blog. Stay safe, wear your mask and we will all get through this together.... Man I hate it when people say that! Especially some Hollywood star hold up in their mansion. If we were together in a big house with a pool and live in staff to cater to my every whim I would feel safe too. If politicians are your nemesis just keep reminding yourself that these people come and go. They are not worth loosing your friends and loved ones over. Just wait them out. And especially if you experience hate of any kind don't bend to their ways. It does not solve anything but makes things worse. I always find that a smile is the best remedy for anything emotionally stressful. It warms your heart and confuses your enemies. I guess it makes them think you are nuts so they leave you alone in fears you might be unstable. hahaha All my best Leslie :)