• Leslie Montgomery

Baby It's Cold Outside

OK so it's a Christmas Song! I don't know why. There is no Christmas reference in it. It sure does have winter references though and is so fun and playful. This version with Louise Armstrong and Velma Middleton is my all time favorite version but to be honest I love every rendition of the song. Hope it helps to melt your chilled bones a bit too.

Well the other day I got my monthly news letter out. If you received one I hope you enjoyed it. I'm learning as I go and I believe I am getting a little more professional at it with each new edition.

If you didn't receive one & would like to, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this page and add your email address before the end of February. Then you will also receive the next newsletter for March along with a discount code for my Pixels store. Redbubble doesn't allow me to add my own discount but they are always having sales themselves so it makes up for that.

I was going to just send an email every other month but decided to change that to monthly so I can add a new discount each time. Anyways, if you would like to see my newsletter and get in on that discount code this month rather than wait then here is a link to the online version. February's Newsletter

I also created and uploaded the new Printable Mandalas for this month. I decided to add 4 each month going forward as they have become rather popular in a short time. So making one more mandala each month won't take up much more time and it is always an enjoyable time spent anyways.

To view and/or download these go to my Freebie Page and click on the mandala you want. It will take you to the download page in my Mandala Coloring Pages Album in my new Flickr account.

I had a Flickr account years ago but when SmugMug bought it I decided to close it. I was concerned about the ethics of the new owners. It seems there was some sort of exodus out of Flickr at the time but from what I see a good amount of people stayed. What impressed me when signing up again last week was that I could upload my coloring pages & they wouldn't resize them. Of course I can only upload 1000 images for free but if it continues to work out well for me I will just purchase the Pro account where I can upload all the images I want.

I was just going to use this new account for my coloring pages but the other day I decided to also use it to highlight my artwork. I'm glad I did. I followed some others and found it to be somewhat inspirational.

If you check out my account you will see I am a little leery of theft so my copyright and warnings are everywhere and every image I upload has a watermark. I have heard stories of predators in Flickr of late but then I hear that of any place that you upload to. I think it is just a hazard of the medium. There are unscrupulous people everywhere but to be honest there are even more good people to counter balance it all.

Speaking of the balance of good & evil I just thought of a book I always enjoyed by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett called "Good Omens". I mean with these two authors joining together to write a novel you know it has to be amusing! Just a few months ago I notices that Amazon Prime made a miniseries of the book so I watched it and found it to be really really good. Just as with the book I hated that it ended though. If you like to read and love irony I would whole heartedly recommend it but if you would rather see the series then check it out. Or you could do as I did and do both. Either way you best get into a British frame of mind and then it will be easier to absorb but so worth it all.

Well I suppose that is all for this week. I will end this with the wish that everyone can find a way to get through this winter blast with a smile also. I find that my art is helping me to get through but then it has also helped with the whole COVID bugabo too. It is, in fact, always such a blessing to me no matter the circumstances of the time. We all need a distraction from the world at large but more so these days it seems.

All my best

Leslie :)