• Leslie Montgomery

Artist Sunday & New Look

I have a very exciting announcement today. I have joined a movement for, (you guessed it) Artist Sunday. 'What is Artist Sunday?' you ask. Well it is just as it sounds. This year on November 29 there will be a new sale day for you to buy art online. November 29 is on the American Thanksgiving weekend, 2 days after Black Friday, which kicks off the Christmas shopping season. On that day all sorts of artists, from photographers to graphic artists, actors, sculptors, writers, and just about anyone that has anything to sell involving the world of art will hold a massive online sale. I have decided to be a part of this movement. It is a perfect opportunity for the artist to safely peddle their wares during these days of COVID and also a safe way for you, the art enthusiast to safely purchase art for yourself or for a Christmas gift. So I have signed up to take part and will offer a code on my web site for you to get a significant discount on any purchase of my wall art, clothing or merchandise in either Pixels or Redbubble. Since this is still in the planning stages for me stay tuned. I will let you know when I post the sale. I am excited about this so as I learn more of how I can participate I will be better prepared. I expect some time this week I will be able to make a page with coupon code and instructions in the ready for you to participate in the sale also.

On another note....

How do you like the new look? It feels very comfortable for me. I hope it is easy for you to navigate. If you do come across a broken link or any glitch (other than bad spelling or sentence structure) please fill in my web site contact form and let me know so I can fix it. As far as the grammatical faux pas, well, it has been a lot of years (decades) since school with very little practice at it. Maybe it will improve as I continue to write but don't hold your breath. You know - old dog/new tricks and all that stuff. hahaha

Speaking of learning, it really didn't take long for me to reacquaint myself with the web building technique. I thought this process would take forever to learn over again but I suppose I owe this ease of transition to the great web building tools in WIX. It was flawless. I am not used to that. ;)

I could have simply used a template which would have made things so much easier but that's not how I roll. I hate being generic. As my husband always says "When they made me they broke the mold" and he is right. I need my web site to be as unique as I am in real life.

I kept the original This Is Me, Contact Info, and My Shop pages. The only changes are the color scheme to match the rest of the site. Now that I think of it though, I might have used a template for This Is Me originally and then tweaked it to suite me. So I guess I am a template user after all. Might have to change that or it will bug me to no end.

The new addition is a group of pages highlighting my various styles of art with the main page simply titled 'My Art'. Creating these pages were fun but I must admit that I had troubles trying to figure out which of my works I should highlight as I have whole lot in each category. So I stuck to the most recent images and that solved that. I also dedicated the 'Home Page' in my site with image links to each of those new pages. I might change that in time but I think for now the more links leading to these important pages/the better. Don't you?

One thing I did when revamping my site and blog was to scour web sites of many artists who I know or know of. My goodness, there is so many talented artists out there! I think I might make a page in my new and improved site dedicated to the various talent online. It would be a great lead in to Artist Sunday, wouldn't it?

I will leave you to ponder on this new revelation and wish you a good week this rainy autumn day. Time to go forward and create.

All my best

Leslie :)