• Leslie Montgomery

April Showers Bring May Flowers

And boy did we get April Showers here in the Niagara region this year! It was a rather cold month too with some snow and sun mixed in. It would be nice if we could get some precipitation in the summer too but since that is not too common I will be fine with all the rain we can get this time of year but please please please no more snow till next winter!

Forget-me-nots in the spring garden

My gardens are coming along very nicely even with the cold, snow and frost. Maybe the plants are doing so well because of it. Unfortunately the fence boards between us and the noisy neighbors are getting thin with time so I have taken matters into my green thumbs to give us back our privacy and hopefully muffle some of the noise. I have planted 4 climbing rose bushes along the fence. They will grow and flower real fast and by this summer instead of watching those maniacal children with their plethora of large toys speeding along our fence line, I will be looking at beautiful roses blooming. Now if only they would stop screaming all day life would be serene once again in the garden. We were just talking yesterday how sad it is that it was so much quieter around here when the drug dealers lived next door. hahaha

Well here I am sharing a video I made of the cute little elves swinging in my young maple tree on a windy day last month. Bob wasn't too impressed with me placing them in the tree but now they are there he is always watching them and asking if I got pictures. Even he can't deny the cute factor! Yes, I have Instagram! I used to have an account that was strictly for my work but it was a lot of effort with very little results so I long ago gave it up. I just now reopened it just to share garden picture and such taken with my phone camera. So it is to share with family and friends but if you want to see my pictures by all means follow me. I will probably share a few videos from Instagram in this blog from time to time, as I have above. It saves space on my website.

We went for our vaccines last Monday. it was a very exciting day and we were both impressed with the speed and organization at the clinic. I don't think we were even there for half an hour and what took the most time was sitting for 15 minutes to make sure we were OK.

The day after we both had very sore arms where the shot was. I think mine was worse than Bob's. It felt like lead and I could not raise it but by that evening it quickly eased up and we were both fine.

Fast forward to yesterday. I felt fine in the morning. Actually I felt great. Instead of walking on my treadmill I went for a long walk because the weather was so nice. Bob had to go to work so I walked toward the plant and kept walking till he finished work and came by to pick me up. We then went to Zehrs for garden mulch, which I should be laying down today.

After we got home I started getting tummy cramps, which was odd as I have been eating so very healthy with this diet and I have also been getting tons of exercise in too. So I ate 3 prunes and went about helping Bob unload the mulch from the truck. There is no tummy ache that a few prunes can't fix! hahaha

Well shortly after getting back to it I started to feel a slight headache in the back of my head. I get lots of sinus headaches so even though they are usually in the front lobe I just thought it was an oddball of a sinus issue but as the day went on it got worse and worse. Those screaming children next door almost got an earful from me because listening to that noise with any type of headache is extremely unnerving, but before I could say anything Bob noticed my frustration. He told me to go in the house and take a shower so I did. It didn't help.

Last night between the tummy cramps and the headache you can believe I had a stressful time but eventually the tummy ache just eased up. The head, well it would feel better and then ache again. Then when I would least expect it the pain went away again only to come back. This went on all night. I think it would have been easier if it had just stayed but I got through the night. Today it is still there but it is more in my upper shoulder blades. Still not feeling like going outdoors and that is a shame as the screaming children aren't out there during the week. At least not in the afternoon.

Anyways sometime in the middle of the night when your imagination can get carried away on you I came up with the thought of blood clots. PANIC!!!!! So I grabbed my tablet and checked out the CDC website and the WHO website, (I am still not trusting of Health Canada) which both said the same thing. Both the tummy ache and the headache are more than likely vaccine related but probably not serious. The tummy troubles are long gone now and as I said the pain in my head are now between my shoulder blades. Blood clots might have been a little more of an issue but since my vaccine was Pfizer it is not even mentioned in either site. They both also said that side affects are in fact a good thing. It means that the vaccine is moving through your body to do it's job in protecting you. I hope they are right. I also hope that by tomorrow this pain that now sits between my shoulder blades will be gone. Still, it is a small price to pay IMO. Now if you are an antivaxxer don't even think of responding. At the start of the whole COVID thing I was of the belief that you had a right to your opinion even if I didn't agree but now I see you as an obstacle between me, mine and a normal life because you refuse to listen to facts. I group you with our Prime Minister as an enemy of our country so don't even start with me. Just show a little responsibility for your fellow man and GET YOUR VACCINE!!! Don't tell me about putting crap in your body while you are smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and eating GOD knows what! It just doesn't cut it anymore!

Now if I haven't alienated everyone with my venting on to a little business news...

I have uploaded 4 new Coloring Book Mandalas for the month of May to the Freebie Page.

Once again I have changed things up though. I changed the file types back to PDF and put them back into my Google Drive. I did this because the file sizes are smaller and also I got much more downloads when they were direct rather than in Flickr as Tiff files, which were huge file sizes.

I have set the files for direct downloads so if you click on one of the thumb nails on the Freebie page it will instantly place the PDF file in your download folder unless you have set your computer to download elsewhere. On the Freebies page I also gave information on downloading Adobe Reader if you don't already have a program to open PDF files. So now my Flickr account, which I have begun to enjoy is strictly for pieces of my work so no worries. You can still browse my work there.

Anyways I will leave you with some happy news. I have lost 3 pounds this week so even though I am hurting a tad, I am also celebrating in my heart as I didn't loose anything last week. I still have a long way to go but a pound here and a pound there will get me to my goal by the time Bob and I are ready to safely take a vacation. Have a great week wherever you are and if you are feeling a few side affects from the vaccine take heart. You are not alone and we will all be much better for it at the end of the day. All my best

Leslie :)