• Leslie Montgomery

And The Beat Goes On

I have had this song in my head all morning. It's still a very cool song if you actually listen to the words. So relevant to the times too. After all, you might think that quarantines and lock downs and and basic fears to go out into society these days would stop life from moving along but it doesn't. The beat is still out there. We are sadly not hearing it right now but I know we will.

I mean... look at China! They might have started this whole mess but now, as we live our lives wondering if we will ever see the light, they are living as if the virus never happened at all. We will get there too one day and when we do I truly hope the world let's China know they can't pull these stunts without consequences.

But I will put my political beliefs on a shelf while blogging.

What's new in my world??? Well you are about to learn something I have not told many people. Bob knows and so does my neighbor and sister. That is it. I just hate the pressure when people expect to see progress. I am prepared for this new project to take up to a year to reach my goal but it might not take that long. I really don't want those around me watching and waiting for something that may or may not happen so the only people I trust not to judge or advise me know. The rest will know when they actually see the difference.

I took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers. I felt like I needed to drastically change the course of my life. I have been slowly getting chunkier and chunkier as the years pass. Maybe because I am so short it really looks it too.

I know exactly how it happened. I love to cook and I love what I cook. I also hate sweat so exercise is not my thing. I was fine when I was going to Aquafit 3 days a week. I wasn't loosing weight but I wasn't gaining either and I actually felt good but since stopping the gym things have been going downhill for me and my body. I could have lost weight while doing Aquafit but there is that love of food thing in my way.

Anyways no matter how it happened something needed doing and although I have lost weight before my whole life has been ups and downs with the pounds. It is time to get rid of the excess cargo once and for all. It will make all the difference in our retirement years, which are quickly coming up.

Yes, since this isn't my first rodeo I do know what it takes to do this. I need to diet and exercise. Two very dirty words in my vocabulary! I can do it. After all, I have done this multiple times before but the weight has never stayed off. Yeah, sometimes it takes a few years to creep back on but it always finds it's way back and that is because I cannot commit to permanent changes. I am hopeless in that aspect so I needed help.

For the exercise I take daily walks. Some further than others depending on the weather and for the diet I had thought about Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Both would keep me out of the kitchen where most of my problems begin and end but when the weight is off I will have to get back to the kitchen and back to my old cooking habits. Not to mention that Bob is not going to starve himself or go without enjoying his food. I don't blame him either but that means that during this weight loss process I still need to feed him. He works hard and deserves a good meal at the end of the day.

He is very supportive but even though he could loose a pound or two himself, he really doesn't have a weight issue. I mean he is one of those men who can put down the beer for a month or two and he is back to his old healthy self. It drives me batty.

What sold me on Weight Watchers was the memory of when my grandmother retired back in the 1960's she had gained weight. I mean a Ukrainian with Ukrainian eating habits it is bound to happen once you become sedentary. So she joined weight watchers way back then and lost the weight and then some. She also kept it off the rest of her life even with the odd indulgence of Perogies and such. She just kept subconsciously counting her point to get back on track when she would stray.

I have heard other success stories over the years so decided this was a good way to go. I need to retrain my eating habits and ultimately Bob's too, without him even knowing. I mean, I am not going to cook one thing for him and one thing for me each meal. That is a good recipe for failure! So he will just get larger portions.

Now I am learning a whole lot as I go. Things I already knew really but never had the courage to do. It also helps to have my new gadgets in the kitchen to help with cooking differently. The instant pot and air fryer are great additions to the kitchen. I find myself using one or both every day.

I am now cooking some pretty awesome foods that are low in WW points and high on taste. The only problem is to limit my portion sizes. hahaha. Even Bob is enjoying the meals coming out of the kitchen these days but I supplement these for him with something I can't eat. On these days I just pop a Lean Cuisine in the microwave for myself with lots of pickled peppers on top for taste. They keep within the points I need. Actually so far I have yet to even eat the amount of points allowed me in a day, thanks to the free food I get to have. Lots of fruit and veggies.

The first week has been very successful for me. I have lost 3 pounds. It might not seem like a lot but for a start I think it is pretty awesome. If I can loose 3 to 5 pounds a week I think this won't take that long at all really but I know there will be weeks where I won't loose anything so no pressure. It was just exciting to see the first week gave some results.

Just last night I gave Bob some left over Chili while I made a nice tofu with a sweet Thai chili sauce on Swiss Chard and it was soooo good. I gave Bob a taste. I was very surprised he was willing to taste it but he liked it and so next time I make it I will give him tofu too but that is our little secret. If word got out that he is eating tofu he would loose his official "Man Card"!

These tasty little egg bites have been frozen and microwaved for 3 minutes. Not as light and fluffy as fresh cooked but delicious none the less.
Instant Pot Egg Bites

I have also been making these tasty little egg bites in the instant pot. They are like tiny little omelet's or crustless quiche and they are soooo good. Even Bob said we need to have these more often. I make half of them with bacon for him so what's not to love? The other half I just put in onions, peppers and cheese. So good! Here is the basic recipe Instant Pot Egg Bites. There are other recipes out there and the egg amounts vary but I liked this because the it uses less eggs than most yet still fills 2 silicone mold. I also substituted cottage cheese for the sour cream. The filler ingredients is up to you. I think this person uses ham and cheese but you can put anything you want in these bites or nothing at all too. They are worth getting the egg bite molds for if you don't already have them.

On the art front - Now Bob is back to work things are moving along nicely. I have worked on a few photos with poems and quotes and I also have done a few digital abstracts that I have yet to upload. I will probably get to that today after my walk.

I am feeling I would love to get out with the camera but even if I could I doubt I would find much. We are in between snow and thaw which makes thing look pretty bleak. Apparently we have a polar vortex on it's way this week so hopefully that will bring some pretty pictures. I also hope that is all it leaves us. Those weather hiccups can get pretty nasty. Of course there is always my birds. One of my new photos is a mourning dove at the feeder. He was posing so nicely after a fresh snowfall so I just had to take his picture.

The first picture above is the original photo and second is the finished image with the inspirational quote from a very famous Canadian, Tommy Douglas and the third is the finished image without words. Notice I had to digitally clean up after our friend. Birds tend to be messy creatures. hahaha None of these are the exact images I am selling. The ones for sale are higher resolution and are crisp and clear without any watermarks. You can find them at my Pixels Store and my Redbubble Shop in a high resolution and no watermarks.

Well now I think it is time to get out and take my walk before getting on with the day. I hope you are having a good day. I am as I am still on a high from learning of my weight loss so you know I will have a very good day. After all, it is the little things in life that mean so much.

All my best

Leslie :)