• Leslie Montgomery

A Fine Place To BEE

I really love this image of a man made insect condo. I have seen smaller versions of this sort of thing in the stores and have marveled over them. They are for butterflies, bees and any other flying insect to find a safe haven in their travels through your garden.

I think it is a brilliant idea and have asked my husband if he can build me one. He said it should be easy but has yet to try. That tells me I best let him save face and go buy one. That way he can say that he was going to build me one next week but I bought this one before he could. ;)

Anyway when wandering by the Butterfly Conservatory at the Botanical Gardens in Niagara I came across this giant version of an insect condo. I found the shear size of this thing to be amazing but what really attracted me was the giant honey bee carved in the center of the structure so for my finished image I chose to do a close up version of the bee itself, which looks awesome on some merchandise.

Around this cool structure is as cleared space that is not yet planted and there are no signs around it for plans but I think they will be planting a bee and butterfly garden around it. I envision plants that are friendly to both insects in the big patch behind it. Now I could be all wrong but this piece certainly does have my imagination excited. Who would not love something like this in their garden?

Below is a group of some of the merchandise on Pixels with this image. If you would like to see more click on the picture. If you would like to see the same on some Redbubble products check out this link Bee Home Condo - Redbubble .

All My Best

Leslie :)