• Leslie Montgomery

4 New Free Mandala

Well I am a few days late in informing you this month but I did add 4 new mandalas to my Freebie Page a couple of days ago. My apologies for that. I have been wanting to get online and tell you but explanations will follow.

First off here is the link to my Freebie page where you will find the thumbnails and links to all my free coloring pages in Flickr or you can just click on the link here to go directly there.

I am still enjoying making these and I think you still enjoy receiving them so expect 4 more for April too. In the meantime I hope you have fun with these and if you haven't downloaded the previous ones then by all means have fun with them all. Just a friendly reminder that they are free to use but not to sell, claim as your own or redistribute.

I also put my monthly newsletter out at the first of the month. If you didn't receive it then please add your email to the subscription option at the bottom of this page to receive the updates starting in April. In the meantime here is a link to see the email online. March Newsletter

Anyways the month of February started out great. Got lots of work done on my art and did some catching up too. I even managed to get out for a drive or two with Bob to brush off the winter blahs.

Life was going as good as it can get in these trying times but then the rug got pulled out from under us both in more ways than one. For a few days we had warm weather and then cold weather and then warm and cold again. All this after a large snowfall so all that snow would melt and then freeze and then melt and freeze even more till last Monday morning we woke to a fresh snowfall and followed our regular routine to send Bob off to work.

Then the man who worries all the time about me slipping and hurting myself took a step on a sheet of ice hiding under the fresh fallen snow and he went for a ride, then fell flat on his back in excruciating pain. I ran out in my socks and nightie and managed to help him up and into the house but it was a nightmare.

To make a long story short, after an ambulance ride to the hospital Bob came home with a fractured rib and has been home ever since. Yesterday was the first day he managed to get out for a drive as I needed to run a few errands and he felt comfortable enough to come along. He did pretty well too but it really wore him out. Hopefully by next week he can get back to work but only in presence. He promised if he does go to work he will be the boss and delegate. Poor guy is getting so bored at home and it appears they are missing him too. They have been wonderful and sent flowers and chocolates and they phone almost daily. He even got a call from one of his guys who misses him. These phone calls do wonders in boosting his spirits, I must say.

So this has set me back considerably. I worry so much about him, I can't do much of anything it seems. Now he is feeling a bit better though, and I am feeling more at ease myself but till he is his old self again I will continue to pamper him. After that Mama is going to need some TLC herself! hahaha

Last weekend through all this my new treadmill finally arrived but the frame was broken. It was due to poor packaging but that has been an issue I just don't need during all this. I tried to return it but it is very large and heavy so the company said that since it works fine and the damage is only cosmetic they would give me a refund. This morning I agreed to the refund and so now I can finally add more steps to my days with the treadmill.

Such a relief! I would have preferred to have the machine intact but the refund was a good deal and enables me to use it now rather than waiting another month. It tucks away under the sofa in the den nicely when not in use but it is awkward to pull out and in order for it to fold you cannot have the handles. I like the handles as I am not exactly known for my sense of balance so for now we will keep it under the sofa and I will pull it out every day to use and then put it back but when Bob's ribs are mended we will take it downstairs and I will use it there. This will give me time to move some things around down there and get a mat to put under it.

We have a finished basement but don't really use it for much other than storage. It tends to be a catchall so I will remove all the empty boxes we have tossed down there and I will get a yoga mat and exercise ball and maybe even some weights for Bob and we will turn it into a home gym. It will make for a great selling point when it is time to sell the house. Believe me, after the events of the past couple of weeks retirement time can't come soon enough so we can say goodbye to extreme winter and summer. We both love Niagara but the weather here does not like us.

So with that I will end this with a hope and a wish for better times to come. It is more of a relief than you can know to have the events of February behind us. All my best

Leslie :)