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Print On Demand and POD stores are very popular online for both artists and photographers along with their customers. They offer printing on all sorts of mediums from paper to metal to acrylic and the ever popular canvas prints and even offer professional framing at a fair price. Not only do they sell prints but they also sell clothing and merchandise. Each POD offers different things for sale with the artist's work displayed prominently on them.  

    There are many Print On Demand site on the web but some are a cut above the rest and some are not-so great. I sell through 2 POD's as they can print as required, which saves me the need to store merchandise. They also have site policies that work well for the customers with shipping and return policies along with site-wide sales on occasions. These 2 POD's are the best on the web as far as I am concerned.

With Pixels I sell mostly Canvas, acrylic, metal, wood and poster prints along with greeting cards, tapestries and a select few items. The canvas and paper prints are awesome  with the professional framing options they have but my personal favorite medium is the metal prints. I also sell some products on Pixels. Check it out to see exactly what I sell there.

With Redbubble I sell wall art along with a wide variety of products from housewares, home décor, to electronic cases, and clothing of all sorts. They are always adding more products to the lineup so click here to see what they presently sell my art on


I don't always sell the same images in both sites. Some of my photography I find looks better on wall art than products so you can always find my photography in Pixels. On the other hand my digital art, especially the mandalas  with transparent backgrounds are much better suited for the products and clothing on Redbubble. 


    If you hoover your mouse over The words "MY SHOPS" at the top of the page it will show you links that will take you directly to my POD's. Click on either link to take you to my two shops in new tabs so you don't loose my website. 

    If you prefer the links above & below will take you directly to each of my stores (in new tabs also). Please feel free to look around both and see if either will have something to please you or someone special in your life......

All my best

        Leslie :) 

 My Pixels Store  - 

 My Redbubble Store