My Art & Photography

In each link below you will find a page with samples of my art and photography. The images posted are in a much smaller size and resolution than the original and if a watermark appears please be aware that any and all images for purchase are clean with no watermarks.


I will change these pages occasionally as there are way too many images in each category  to put on one page. If you like the images or style of them you can find more for purchase on wall art, clothing & various other products at my POD stores.  MyShops will direct you to both my stores.

Photography - I take great pleasure in touring the countryside either at home or away as I look for unique and interesting shots. 
Living in Niagara, most people expect to find mostly photos of the falls and although I have a few of those, I spend more time looking around the countryside for signs of how the real people of Niagara live. Believe me... we stay as far away from the falls as we can during tourist season but in the off season WE are the tourists and more than happy to be. 
My Photography
Photo Art W.jpg

Photographic Art - As much as I like to wander around with my camera my real joy comes when sitting at my computer and turning photos into various forms of art. 

I have a few decades experience with digital programs, such as Photoshop and it is such a great pleasure to use my knowledge to turn a photograph into a piece of art. It is my medium and I am very good at it. 

Word Art W.jpg

Word Art - My first love in the arts was poetry and I still have a strong love for the great poets of eras past. I am also a music fan, as most people are. My musical tastes vary and so many images I create remind me of a song so I add some lyrics now and then as well as poetry. 


Lastly, there are so many famous quotes and saying out there that one or two must relate to you or someone in your life. I know many are more than inspiration to me.  

Digital Art W.jpg

Digital Art - I imagine by now you know that I am very experienced with Photoshop and I also have a creative streak so this is where I get to combine the two and develop mostly works in abstract. 

This is a relatively new venue for me. I just stumbled upon it as I was looking through some abstract art online and thinking how I could create this. So one day I put my theory to work and was instantly hooked on the style. I hope to add more and more pieces as time goes on so stay tuned. 

Mandalas W.jpg

Mandalas I have long loved the traditional mandalas but when I taught myself to create these in Illustrator I discovered I much prefer creating simpler versions. Maybe it is the less cluttered side of my brain dictating to me but I think it's because when less details the colors can pop and speak to you. At least they do for me. 

I expect my fascination with mandalas started as a child when I, along with every other kid of the 1960's, owned a Spirograph and spent hours at a time mesmerized by the circular motion of it all.