~Word Art~

Word Art, as I interpret it to mean is any sort of art using words as either the actual focal point or complimenting the main subject. It is usually something that has a meaning to me, the artist. I am a huge fan of poetry or music but I also do enjoy a good inspirational quote when it matches the image I am working on and then there are times when less is more and just one word says it all.


If you would like to see these or more you can go to my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. There you can purchase any of my work on wall art, clothing & merchandise.

 ... Although you can certainly find all sorts of  pictures and products at both stores, I find Pixels is more specialized to various forms of high quality wall art where Redbubble's specialties are clothing and merchandise. 

'New Beginnings' by Leslie Montgomery
'Buddha - Change The World - Mandala' by Leslie Montgomery
'The Road Not Taken' by Leslie Montgomery
'Tri Bike Bicycle Races' by Leslie Montgomery
'Orchid - Believe In You' by Leslie Montgomery
'Trees by Joyce Kilmer' by Leslie Montgomery
'She Walks In Beauty With Words' by Leslie Montgomery
'The Right Track' by Leslie Montgomery
'A Natural Woman with Words' by Leslie Montgomery
'A Dream Within A Dream' by Leslie Montgomery
'Rusty Old Patches Of Steel - Lyrics' by Leslie Montgomery
'No Crisis This Week' by Leslie Montgomery
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