What can I say... I am a geometric junkie when it comes to mandalas. I actually have to stop myself sometimes to move onto something else to create or work on and at any given time I always have a folder on hand with spare mandalas to upload when I have nothing else. As soothing as they are to look at, to me they are even more therapeutic to create. I guess they truly are a Zen thing.


If you would like to see these or more you can go to my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. There you can purchase any of my work on wall art, clothing & merchandise.

 ... Although you can certainly find all sorts of  pictures and products at both stores, I find Pixels is more specialized to various forms of high quality wall art where Redbubble's specialties are clothing and merchandise. On a side note I only sell my mandalas with a repeat pattern in Redbubble but the single form can be bought in both PODs

'Chalky Swirls In Blue Mandala' by Leslie Montgomery
'Target Practice Mandala - Solid' by Leslie Montgomery
'Jules Verne - Consequences  No Words' by Leslie Montgomery
'Feed Me Seymour' by Leslie Montgomery
'Electric Blue Sun Mandala' by Leslie Montgomery
'Burning Ring Of Fire Mandala' by Leslie Montygomery
'Blue On Blue Mandala Solid' by Leslie Montgomery
'Blue Hummer Mandala - Single' by Leslie Montgomery
'Mandala - A Celebration Of Green' by Leslie Montgomery
'Shades Of Spring' by Leslie Montgomery
'Orbiting The Sun Mandala' by Leslie Montgomery
'Wheel Of Life Mandala' by Leslie Montgomery