It is no secret I am in love with creating mandalas. Also during this time of COVID and home isolation I understand very much the need to keep hands busy. Even if it is just to calm the nerves and pass the time. Since I like making them and I know it is a very popular hobby for many to color mandalas I decided to give you 3 mandalas a month to print and color. If they become as popular as I hope they do I might consider making more each month so please inform me if you feel the need for more.

I have moved my mandalas from Google Docs to Flickr. I think it is going to be easier for me going forward. Just click on the thumbnail version I have below and you will open the Flickr page to download from. 

Here is a link to my Flickr Albums where you will find all my mandala coloring pages to download for free. 

All I ask is maybe, only if you wish to, send me a picture of the finished page after you have colored it. I would love to see what you have done with these and also would like to know what you think of them. 

I truly hope you enjoy these coloring pages. No strings attached - I promise. 

All my best

Leslie :) 

Now I have to add the below message for those looking for something other than a coloring project.....

All mandalas on this page are for personal use only.

They are not to be reproduced or distributed in any manner. 

©Leslie Montgomery all rights reserved

December 2020 

001 Mandala Coloring Page
002 Mandala Coloring Page
003 Mandala Coloring Page

January 2021

004 Mandala Coloring Page
005 Mandala Coloring Page
006 Mandala Coloring Page

February 2021

007 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
008 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
009 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
010 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg

March 2021

011 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
012 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
013 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
014 Mandala Coloring Page - thumb.jpg
All images on this site are © Leslie Montgomery. All Rights Reserved
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