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Hi! I'm Leslie.....

   I am a Photographic & Digital Artist. 


   As a 'Photographic Artist' I work with  Photoshop and other graphic programs to create art from my own photography. My style can be summed up as being rather eclectic. Many times I will simply add a punch of brightness, contrast or an HDR effect to my photography but mostly I like to take it a little further, whether it's  applying textures or using my Deco3 tablet by XPPen to create painted effects or adding words to give it a written meaning.

   This is where I get to use my imagination and that is what I thrive on. Being creative. 


   Recently I found my art branching into a new direction. Using my Photoshop talents I have been able to create some pretty awesome abstract work from scratch. From drawing shapes and lines, then manipulating them I have been creating some pretty awesome Digital Abstracts. I am sure you will agree that the creativity in these art pieces are magical.


   I  also taught myself how to use Illustrator and have been creating my own mandala's, which I have always admired when seeing other's work of them. It is still a new art form for me but I have taken to it well.  Actually  I enjoy creating mandalas and digital abstract art so much that sometimes I have to slow myself down so I can work on my photographic art too.


    No worries... I will find that happy medium so I can create it all and I might even add other styles to my collection. We all need a winter project, don't we?  However when Spring, Summer & Fall come to Niagara  you can expect to see me spending my time on the road or in my garden always with the camera in hand.

   Since I live in Niagara Falls Ontario, I am always out and about the countryside with my camera. There is nothing I love more than getting lost in the back roads of Niagara Region and looking for that great shot, and in an area like this, there are great shots around every corner. 


   I have many photos and graphics of the falls and surrounding area but to be honest I normally leave those places for the tourists. What I seek are the places and things that show lifestyles, in general not only in the Niagara back roads but everywhere I go. 

   My husband & I also love to wander the American countryside of Western NY or as we refer to it , "Across the river". It is fun to see the differences between the American and Canadian farms. Mostly they are subtle differences but if you look hard they are there. I like to show this in my art. After all, it is the character and charm in these differences that gives me warm fuzzies.

   As a gardener, you can also find me spending many an hour during the spring, summer and fall seasons in my gardens. I have a passion for the gardens and when not photographing my flowers I will wander to the Botanical Gardens on the parkway with my camera in hand. So as you can expect, I have a lot of floral works in my collection.

   One other love of mine are the backyard birds who grace my neighborhood. Especially the blue jays who I have a special bond with. Of course I also love the cardinals, wrens, chickadees, woodpeckers, hawks and all the other birds which I enjoy capturing in my art along with the water fowl who call the Niagara River their home.

   I guess to sum it up I should state that my tastes and styles are as eclectic as  my life is. You never know what I will have in my collections and you never know what art style or technique I will be absorbing myself into. I can promise that I will never grow stagnant and I am sure that I have something for everyone. 

Where to Find My Art...


   At the moment I sell my art through two popular POD sites (Print On Demand),  Pixels/FAA  and  Redbubble.  These sites sell in the form of wall art, clothing and household goods and might I add they are the 2 best POD's on the web.  


   From the following links you can find me on  Twitter and  my Facebook Page .  You can also follow me on Instagram where I mostly share my home & garden pics. Lastly but certainly not least you can also watch as I add content to my blog right here in this web site.

    I hope you enjoy my work and if you have any questions or request please feel free to contact me. 

    All My Best